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matzo balls soup

I was behind to join Twitter, behind with setting up a “fan” page on Facebook (mostly because I dislike to use the word “fan”, but do go and visit me there for updates, OK?), and then behind with making matzo balls… Technology-wise, I wonder, is it an age “thing” that I’m so behind? But matzo ball-wise? I have no excuse. In any case, I dismiss it all with a good old-fashioned defense technique for reasoning:“I had no time”. And besides, it might officially be spring, but looking out of my window I see gray sky, gray clouds, and every now and then a drop of rain. So, it’s never too late, right?!

We were invited to a Passover Seder at friends of friends’ house. That happened…… 3 weeks ago. Little Mr. Smarty Pants devoured the soup with soft and fluffy matzo balls floating in it. In fact, I think that besides a few matzos, and dessert (of course), this was the only thing he ate the whole night. I, personally, adopted the chopped chicken liver and wouldn’t let anyone else touch it. But I really liked the matzo balls’ soup too. A lot. With memories lingering and cravings developing, I wanted to make it and eat it and soon. Since I had lousy homemade chicken stock (2nd batch! Yippie! Ruhlman approved on Twitter!) it was a short way to achieving this goal. So, believe it or not, I bought a box, yes, a box, of matzo ball mix!

I did make real, made from scratch, matzo balls once, about…. 4-5 years ago? I assume I had a beginner’s luck because they turned out perfectly (I used an Ina Garten’s recipe). Dizzy by my success – ‘cause it involves beating egg whites and I didn’t have much skills doing that 4-5 years ago – I offered to cook it for a client. That was back in those days when I had a personal chef business. The matzo balls separated to float in bits in the soup. Ha! Luckily, that client was a very sweet person, and at home that day. “It’s Ok, leave it like that”, she said. “We’ll eat it. It’s good. We won’t mind”. If she hadn’t been home and witnessed it as it happened, I would have thrown them away being too embarrassed to charge money for the mess. But she wanted them anyway. And she was right, they are delicious, even when they are falling apart.

However, recalling this episode, I’ve decided to play it safe this time and I used a boxed mix. It was easy and quick to make. I liked the texture, fluffy and tender. Some people like ‘em rock hard. Go figure… And this is another way the world is divided… Which camp do you belong to – soft matzo balls or hard matzo balls? It’s a serious choice.

Regardless of which school you belong to, using a cookie scoop makes the job a lot easier and less messy.


And while the balls were cooking in the stock (it takes 30 minutes) I had a chance to spy on my family; supposedly there were having fun outside in the sun.

I wandered what Suburban Cowboy and the kids were up to…




He was…of course… attached to a laptop, so very focused


Instead of doing something more household-oriented like, let’s say, clean the grill… or fix something… change a burnt light bulb, or mow the lawn? But in any case, the kids won’t leave him alone. They want his attention and flock around him,

IMG_7118 IMG_7117 IMG_7120

until they gave up and moved on to mind their on business.

IMG_7116 IMG_7141
IMG_7124 IMG_7127

And then it was time for me to yell, “Ki-eeds, lunch is reeeeeadyyyy… Come insa-aide…. Wash your ha-ands….”

I just love these sort of weekends.

Staying at home, doing domestic stuff, having an easy, comforting lunch, watching/spying on my family, running errands… I like it.


Matzo ball soup

So, since using a boxed mix, there really isn’t a recipe.

To make the matzo balls, simply follow the instructions on the package.

While the matzo balls paste is resting, heat up your lousy homemade chicken stock.

If you’d like, add any frozen veggies you have or leftovers from previous lunches or dinners that you’d like in a soup.

And, please, don’t wait for summer.

How’s the weather where you live? Still good for soup?

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