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chocolate truffl

People are fascinating. Relationships are fascinating.

However, writing about them when things are less than jolly can be exhausting.

But I know, every person has a story.

When I tell mine, the listener usually opens up and shares with me his or her story. It is always an amazing experience.

But when I try to write it down, it’s draining my energy.

And still, I like to observe and relate to this side of life too. Not only to the happy pink one.

‘cause life can be sweet, and life can be bitter.

Like good chocolate.

You want chocolate, right?!


This is why instead of not writing about it at all, I hope that doing it in bite size posts will be easier.

In these bite size chunks I will share mind blowing citations from books I read, inspiring things I’ve heard, experiences that touched my heart.

I hope you’ll like it.


Yes, this is a new series on the blog and I will “bite” at least once a week. So, come back.

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