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That was the laziest vacation I’ve ever had.

We went to Portland, Oregon with the kiddies on a 4 days trip. It’s winter, oh sorry, it’s spring already but I haven’t noticed with all this rain and chilly temperatures… So, anyway, there’s spring break and schools are closed and we thought that a little family trip will be nice. Portland is a nice city. We have been there before and felt there’s more to explore. Sure, we could have planned to go to a sunnier destination, but we have planned this trip a few weeks ago when we were optimistic that the weather will be more springy and warm and then we were too lazy to plan another trip at the last moment, so to Oregon we went. Actually, we were not lazy, just too busy. With so many things to do each day, in the past years we returned to the same places for our family vacations since planning trips to new destination takes a lot of time to do some research for places to stay, things to do, places to eat (of course) and so on, and spare time is something we don’t have. So, Portland.

We left on a rainy day


so stopping on the way did not sound like a fun option. Plus, there are so many junk food stops along the way – here’s just one proof. This place gets in your face, or in your lens, whether you want it or not –


that I made sure to pack some food to eat on the go


and toys


Does your car look like this when you travel with kids?

Suburban Cowboy says that I always pack too much food. He is right about that. I pack fruits, veggies, sandwiches, juice and special treats for the kids as if we were going to the dessert. I do that because I know there will be mostly junk food to eat along the way and I don’t want to eat that. It makes my belly dance. But more than that, I don’t want to pay for such food. The one and only time I told my son, “Don’t eat your lunch” was when we stopped once at a well-known fast-food burger place and we only stopped there because we had no other choice. I really suffered with every bite he took of his wanna-be “burger”. That time, he listened to mommy.

After a few hours of driving, we finally arrived in Portland.
Pearl Bakery on Urbanspoon
Our first stop, Pearl bakery. I love that place. It’s one of the handful of places where macarons actually taste good and not only look good. I couldn’t forget that.

Pearl bakrey macarons

Peral macarons

and the coffee is wonderful too; fresh, strong, sweet, a soft foam, and pretty. I couldn’t forget that either in the past year.


We all need a place like this in our ‘hood, don’t we?!

IMG_6526 IMG_6505

It’s so good that it makes a good enough reason to move and live there.

Our next stop, the hotel.

Kari recommended this place in the heart of downtown.


We got a really nice room. We actually scored this really nice room for a great price, and the biggest surprise (we weren’t aware of it at the time of booking), it was a “club” level room (we only expected to have a room with 2 beds; one for us and one for the kids) so we got free continental breakfast, appetizers, any drinks and cocktails we wanted, and late night desserts for free throughout the day. Each and every day. What a sweet deal!

Lesson learned: always check out hotels you think you can’t afford. You might be pleasantly surprised to find out that you can. Those free treats were worth a few good $$ per day.

They also had a pool table. We love to play pool but these days we only rarely we get to do it, so this was nice and we got a chance to teach junior how to play.

Junior pool

The view from our room was not bad at all…


well, if you looked down, you saw this…


But why look down when you can look up and zoom in on a better horizon?

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