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If you read blogs you probably have heard at least once about The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, a woman living on a ranch in Oklahoma with her husband and four children. They raise cattle and ride horses. She takes lots of photos of everything they do on the ranch – well, almost everything – but mainly the food, the ranch, the cows, the horses, the lazy dog, the beautiful kids, among others, but what might catch your attention are the sexy and/or romantic shots she post of her husband and his tuches (Buttocks, rear end, butt). Yes, the tuches is a star on the web site, shared with the women of the world to enjoy and admire. And they do.

Well, last night, I had my moment…


My cowboy is wearing jeans and a plaid shirt too but no, we don’t live on a ranch or ride horses or raise cows here. Well, some people do, but not us. I’ve seen some horses, cows and even lamas! around here. A 10 minutes drive actually, but it’s a rare sight. The handful of ranches that still exist and have farm animals lazily hang around in their front yards belong to old-timers who have been living here years before this place had turned into a suburban area with mostly high tech folks. About 20 something years ago, people say, this place was rural with muddy roads connecting between the ranches. The current life style is a tiny bit different. What we do on a daily basis is more indoors-y kind of stuff like sit on our buttocks in an office in front of a computer screen, or sit on our rear ends in our home office in front of a computer screen. That’s what we do most of the day. But we conduct other indoors activities too,

(Ah, I got caught; he’s posing now…)






Scrubbing the bath tub?


Aahhhh, giving a bath


… and changing diapers


My sweet suburban cowboy…


She loves him too.


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