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Ah, that one was fun, wasn’t it?!

So I thought I’d go another round of Mr. Suburban Cowboy’s indoors-y activities…


By the way, my 6 years old was asking me the other day, after he saw me taking photos of The tuches, “is it going to be a butt blog now?” Little Mr. Smarty Pants.

Now back to my notes from last Sunday:

What is Mr. Suburban Cowboy up to today?


He planned to make dinner tonight, but first he made us something to snack on so we won’t starve until the meal is ready.

Potato bread with mayo, Mortadella, and bell peppers. Good job on the veggies, dude!

his IMG_5945
and hers
(“Your favorite color is green”, he says)

And now he’s off to cook dinner. I wonder what it’s going to be?

Toasting pine nuts – a good sign – although he always burns them…


We have a little burner knob dance. Or is it the pine nuts dance? Because we only do this when pine nuts are involved. Hmm, or maybe not. I do tend to play with the knob and change the heat level when Suburban Cowboy gets cooking. In any case, it goes like this:

He sets the knob on high…


… behind his back, I turn it to low…


…he turns it back to high…


I quit.

Only this time he did not burn them. Ha! He stayed close by and kept an eye on them just to prove me wrong!


I was curious to know what he had planned for dinner… Something with parsley pesto… Sounds promising…


OK, he’s getting busy so I better skedaddle.

IMG_5948 IMG_5949
IMG_5970 IMG_5974

He doesn’t like me to stick around the kitchen because I end up interfering too much and… ehh, I try to boss him around? (No man likes that, right girls?!)

So, I went outside with the kiddies for a while, to keep ‘em busy, you know… Give Suburban Cowboy some space… We played and then went up and down the street, killing some time, my little one pushing her little shopping cart with the mail in its little basket…


An hour or so later, we came back home to THIS – 


Oops, wrong photo.

What I meant is that we came back home to see THIS – 


Isn’t it pretty? Beautiful food glowing in the sunset.

I think Suburban Cowboy should start a food blog. It will be way more popular than mine, that’s for sure. Who doesn’t love a guy who cooks?!

And it’s much more sophisticated food than anything I’ve been making in the past months, that’s for sure.

Broiled Cod with parsley pesto (although a little overcooked), creamed corn (yum! He used a whole cup of heavy cream! That’s lavish. It can be done only by someone who doesn’t care about calories), brown rice (truth is it’s made from frozen), and roasted red bell pepper coulis (nice touch!).


IMG_5950 din3


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