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This short piece below was written last night during a writing workshop with Molly who writes the blog Orangette and Matthew from Roots and grubs. More details in a sec…


The moment I saw Matthew open a plastic container filled with red stuff in it called “kimchi”, a smell of dirty socks filled up the room. I wondered, has someone taken their shoes off – it’s been a long day after all – or is this what kimchi actually smells like? I never had kimchi before and I try to resist the urge to ask my neighbors at the table if they had eaten kimchi or know what is, but the stench of moldy socks terrifies me and I decide to play it safe.

“Have you ever had kimchi?”, I ask the woman who sits next to me. “Yes!”, Diana replies with a spark in her eyes and a big smile. “What is it? What’s in it?”, I hear myself asking. I consider myself an adventurous eater and hearing myself asking all these questions surprises me. I postpone the moment of tasting it by writing down the dialogue that goes on in my head.

I lift the fork with a cube of a pickled veggie stabbed on it, it’s covered with red matter, and I bring it closer to my nose. “Hmm, it actually smells good. Fresh and vibrant”, my brain tells me. I touch the kimchi with the tip of my tongue recalling vaguely something that someone once said about kimchi being hot and spicy. “Hmm, not so bad”, I think. I take another tiny bite and feel pleasantly surprised.

It’s almost 9 PM; it’s been a long day and I’m tired but each part in my mouth that has touched the kimchi is being brought back to life. I should take another bite.


This is when I had to stop because time was up.

You might still not know what kimchi is from my description so, well, you’ll have to do your own research, or check out this post on Matthew’s blog.

But why am I telling you about this? Because I share with you my experiences with food photography, the workshops, my learning curve, the tips and tricks I learned. I am also taking writing workshops and I wanted to share this one with you as well.

I never planned to write. I disliked the writing class I had to take in high school as well as the literature one. I had no patience for reading books and analyzing what the author meant to say back then. I had more urgent things to do at 17. I think my final scores in those classes were around the 70 +/- (out of 100). I now wish I listened better.

I did get better with writing essays and research articles when I was a student and a research assistant, but this kind of writing is different than academic writing. I have a lot to learn. I need a lot of practice. I don’t know how good or bad, interesting or boring I am. I’m trying to find out.

(Hint hint: Your feedback will be greatly appreciated!!!)

Do you write? Do you struggle with it or does it come easy to you?

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