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You might have noticed a few changes around here.

No, it’s not going to be a butt blog.

But I’m having a little face lift accompanied by some clean up. No, not me-me, the blog, of course… silly. Have you noticed the new light blue background (it used to be green) and the new header (still a work in progress)?  Do you like it?

Anyway, it’s been taking hours of our time but behind the scene there’s been some cooking and baking done only I didn’t have a chance to post any new recipes. So, I thought I’d share with you some sneak peek into what’s coming up next, are you ready?

Bacon mashed potatoes. A no brainer to make, really…

bacom mashed

Fried rice, no brainer either…

fried rice_5372

Sautéed kale. Simple…

sauteed kale

My son made this…

plate face

For a few minutes I considered putting it in the header, instead of the cupcake photo, but wasn’t sure if people will get the joke. Some might think I’m a psycho or whatever…


After a long long time that I thought about it, I have finally baked these date cookies

date cookies tray

The weather was nice and we had lunch in the backyard. A new version for my crispy chicken legs was born, crispier, sweeter, and better

crispy chicken

Ok, from last night…

Ground buffalo


Roasted butternut squash


which I used in a wrap (I love wraps)


and tonight I’m going to turn it into a different dish. maybe I’ll cook the buffalo in tomato sauce with some chili peppers and cilantro… give it a little kick. Add maple to the squash and roast it a bit more… we’ll see…


and as we speak this hazelnut with chocolate chunks cake is being baked in the oven…

hazel cake batter

I had a little experiment with another recipe so we’ll see how it turns out.

in 15 minutes I’ll know…

So, do you have any preference as to which recipe you would like to have first?

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