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A little face lift A little face lift

You might have noticed a few changes around here. No, it’s not going to be a butt blog. But I’m having a little face lift accompanied by some clean up. No, not me-me, the blog, of course… silly. Have you noticed the new light blue background (it used to be green) and the new header […]

Suburban Cowboy cooks Suburban Cowboy cooks

Ah, that one was fun, wasn’t it?! So I thought I’d go another round of Mr. Suburban Cowboy’s indoors-y activities… By the way, my 6 years old was asking me the other day, after he saw me taking photos of The tuches, “is it going to be a butt blog now?” Little Mr. Smarty Pants. […]

Suburban Cowboy Suburban Cowboy

If you read blogs you probably have heard at least once about The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, a woman living on a ranch in Oklahoma with her husband and four children. They raise cattle and ride horses. She takes lots of photos of everything they do on the ranch – well, almost everything – but […]

My fluffy Pavlova My fluffy Pavlova

[donotprint] A cloud of baked marshmallow-like egg whites with a lemon hint A fluffy pillow of whipped cream Juicy fruit, fresh mint I’m living in a dream Need I say more? Ok, I’ll say more. First, it’s the first time I’ve written a little poem for food, so that says something. Second, I promise you we […]

My first macarons, very forgiving My first macarons, very forgiving

It was Friday evening, during dinner, when I baked my first macarons. Only two days before all I knew about macarons was that they were tricky to make with many ways that I could fail, and that was enough to keep me from even trying. I never even read a macaron recipe before so I […]

Pirate's booty Pirate's booty

3/15/2009 update: A few days after publishing this post I was contacted by a PR person for the company that makes one of the brands. I’d like to make it clear that my point in the post was not to promote brand A or B but to emphasize the importance of reading labels and the ingredient […]


This short piece below was written last night during a writing workshop with Molly who writes the blog Orangette and Matthew from Roots and grubs. More details in a sec… *** The moment I saw Matthew open a plastic container filled with red stuff in it called “kimchi”, a smell of dirty socks filled up […]

Aebleskiver, ebelskiver Aebleskiver, ebelskiver

I really got into the mood of pancake making, and of course eating, after my Poffertjes travel back in time experience. So, naturally, I was extremely happy when Simone has suggested we make more pancakes together, this time Danish ones called Ebelskiver, and this time Trissa from the beautiful blog Trissalicious joins too. I’m in […]

My little girl

You know how I wonder from time to time what really goes on in people’s lives, especially those who blog and continue to post their happy posts with recipes and photos, creating an impression that they never fight, they don’t have conflicts, everyone is happy and they all love one another, and eat well, and […]

Naked who? Naked who?

Remember the Naked Chef? You know, the guy with the cool hair, very energetic, talks fast, cooks even faster, Jamie Oliver? About 10 years ago when he became famous, he was referred to as the Naked Chef. These days he is simply Jamie. I did not understand what the nakedness was all about back then. […]