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Yesterday morning I woke up and felt like making pancakes. I only make pancakes a handful of times a year, but after my Poffertjes experience, I got into the mood.

With the hunger challenge on my mind, I could not stop thinking about the ease with which such a craving is an impulse and not a decision. It was something I wanted and could do without thinking about it twice, unlike when I took the previous hunger challenge and we had a tight budget of $110 for the four of us to stretch during 5 days. Back then we just didn’t have enough money left or any food items in the pantry to make pancakes, and I’m not even fantasizing about maple syrup, blueberries, raspberries, or chocolate.

As a parent, a mother, I cherish every moment that I am able to feed my family, my children, and not having them worry about food.


I can cook and bake with my children anytime I want to or they want to


My children have the freedom of choice to be picky about food

pancakes poking

I don’t think I need to tell you about people who are hungry and poor. You know it’s out there. You’ve heard it before. But, for the sake of the children… (sorry, I know, it’s a “cheap” trick), let’s give a little. $7 is a lot for someone who has to rely on food stamps.

There are many things you and I can do, whatever works best for you, like:

* Plan a food drive with your school, neighborhood, or after-school group.

 *Donate the free items from “buy one, get one free” grocery store campaigns.

 *Grow a vegetable garden with your family and donate extra vegetables to a local soup kitchen. Check out this for more details: Gardening for the Greater Good.

* Donate to Yes We Can! Project.  United Way is trying to raise $10,000 to help fund a project to rent out space at a local cannery. At this cannery space, they will be able to preserve fresh food (like vegetables and fruits) that normally would go bad and get thrown away (what a waste of good food), and then distribute them to food banks. Renting out space in the cannery will result in 10,000 – 14,000 additional cans of food per week for local emergency food providers. It’s a great project that will help tons of families, will save food, and will help people eat healthier!

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