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Back in January 2009 I posted a recipe for Rugelach, my favorite cookie! I still cannot understand how cream cheese, that brick of gooey, plastic-y cheese I do not like eating turns cheesecakes and cookies into sublime desserts I adore… But, anyway, this post is about photography. Those were the photos I took back then:






Last Friday I baked Rugelach again. I was actually a bit worried how they will turn out because my mind was wondering and I didn’t focus on what I was doing and used a whole egg when I should have used only the egg yolk. The dough was more wet and sticky than my fingers remembered but it took me a while to realized the reason why. After being baked, they turned out a bit flatter but just as good as I remembered. They are still my #1 on the cookie list.

And these are the current photos:

IMG_5123 IMG_5130

IMG_5150 IMG_5154
IMG_5155 IMG_5157


So, what different?

I think the big difference is due to the camera (Canon Rebel XS) and the lens (recently, I mostly use a 60 mm).

I am also using a tripod again :)

I think I did learn how to “see” but I still don’t fuss too much with styling. I rarely use a prop other then a fork, and occasionally a knife. I bought some props in the past year but I haven’t used them much. As much is it can be a lot of fun, I just don’t have the time to play for too long. So I’m still stuck with putting the food on the plate and trying to find the best angle.

I now limit most of my posts to those where I can shoot during day time or on evenings when there is still some natural light. I haven’t used artificial lights since I bought my camera and learned how to use the aperture mode (Only lately I learned about Manual mode).

I know, I know, I should pay more attention to reflection on the plate, like in this photo below:


… still haven’t replaced the red sheers with white ones nor did I tape more paper on the windows. I can be lazy sometimes…

What’s next? Recently I became fascinated with darker photos, with more black and other dramatic colors.

I would like to experiment more with black, like in this photo:


Need to buy black reflector/card board…

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