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So what did I bake in the past year? There were lots of cakes and cookies but for you I’ve posted only the best ones!

Note the photography. I think I got better this year and soon I will share with you more Food photography posts and what I learned…. Meanwhile, I have found 2 useful posts, one about controlling the light and the other with general tips.

Also, don’t forget, the cookie scoop giveaway ends tomorrow and a winner will be announced shortly after.

Here’s my 2009 sweet recipes round up:

January: Rugelach are one of my absolute favorite cookies, way up there in the top 5. I love the cream cheese in the dough and the endless filling combinations. It’s a little bit of work rolling each cookie but worth every little crumb. I feel like a cookie monster when I make these. No sharing.

February: Ahhh, so hard to choose between Chocolate-Halva Babka Cake and Mini Cognac-Soaked Chocolate Cakes. I really can’t. Which one would you choose? A yeast cake that makes the house smell so good or a grown up cake that you can’t drive after eating 3 pieces of it?


March: It has to be Marjolaine Cake! Really really really one of the best! Certainly at the top 5 on my cake list!

Marjolaine cake

April: Ricotta Bundt Cheesecake. Easy to make, with light texture and a hint of lemon goodness.That is the essence of home baking to me.

Ricotte cheesecake

May: A little kid had a birthday and I made him this Dirt cake. He really thought it was dirt for real and refused to eat it… even after he saw all of us eating it. But we encouraged him to change his mind.


June: chocolate cake! Need I say more? Simple and easy, and yum-yummy!


July was a one year birthday for my blog!!! I celebrated it with the most amazing Summer Berry Cheesecake. Did I hear you say “oh, my goodness”!”? You can say that again…

cheesecake with berries

August: This luscious, coconut oie with vanilla custard and lot’s of whipped cream makes the Triple coconut cream pie Seattle’s most famous dessert. It looks fancy but is pretty easy to make. See an even easier version on Giyen’s blog, Bacon is my enemy.

coconut cream pie

September: No cake. I wasn’t in the mood. But later on I made this easy and comforting Chocolate-vanilla tea biscuits bars which reminds me of a simple cream cake I had in my childhood over at my aunt’s house. I put mine on a plate I took from my father’s kitchen cabinet when I helped clean up his house.


October: I loved this Pumpkin banana cream pie so much that I’m gonna show off with two photos!

pumpkin banana cream pie 4

sliced pie

November: Figaro bars a recipe from my mother-in-law with a pinch of cardamom…

figaro 64

December: Dried cranberries and almond jumbles in a typical Seattle sunset blue light

cookie jar

Happy and sweet New Year to you!

Virtual hugs,


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