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January sunrise

I don’t feel like posting recipes lately. Do you mind at all? I wonder… Please do tell me. Because my head seems to be more into daily family stuff, writing or photographing whatever is around me than posting new recipes that I cooked or baked. I feel more excited telling you about Saturday then the slowly braised beef brisket and creamy potato gratin I made a few days ago. Although now, when I think about it, I do want to share those with you… Oh, they were lovely. But Saturday… Saturday was my kind of day. It started with an amazing 7 am sunrise and turned into a sunny, relatively warm winter day, quiet, blue sky, a few feather white clouds here and there. A perfect day for a little stroll in the neighborhood before lunch time. The air was fresh, clean, and crisp, and we wanted to taste it as well as shake some of the dust and the rust in our bones.


We went to the playground. Although it’s been only a week since the last time we went to the park, it feels as if it was a long time ago. I miss it so. In summer we go almost every day.


On our way to the park we walk through patches of green and mini forests with a water creek that runs through. The water is cold and so clear.

Beautiful trees.


We pass a few office buildings and then I notice the sparkling drops of rain still hanging onto the branches and leaves, shining like diamonds in the sun

IMG_3002IMG_3007 IMG_3009

Finally, we’re at the park. The little one goes straight to the swing. She’s been swing deprived for a while now and can’t have enough of it.


But the boys like to fool around. They got so much energy locked inside that needs to be released…


And here she goes to the swing, again, for a second round



We fuel up with a little snack and water

IMG_3091 IMG_3097

Fool around and munch on crackers some more


… and swing, again…

IMG_3149IMG_3152 IMG_3164

And before you know it, it’s time to go home before we get too hungry and tired. On the way back, more trees and a bird house (Who bothered to climb so high and nail a bird house to this tree?)


A small pond and a handful of ducks. This guy looks a little pissed off, doesn’t he?! Scary.


IMG_3198 IMG_3204
Have a wonderful week, ya’all…


OK, and now to the part I dislike about giveaways which is announcing the “winner”. Why? Because only one person gets a gift.

And you are all winners to me.

Maybe we can rename it the “gift receiver” instead of a “winner”. It sounds somewhat better, no?

So, the gift receiver of the cookie scoop giveaway iiiiiiiiiiisss… Grace.

Grace, please send me an e-mail to nurit AT familyfriendlyfood DOT com with your address so I can send you your gift.

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