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cupcake 213

It all started with a cupcake.

This cupcake.

IMG_3222 IMG_3215
cupcake 208 IMG_3224


After eating it, I was so happy that I started seeing pink, pink, pink everywhere I looked. Do you see everything in pink too or is it just me?

 crumbs 270

Seriously now. One thing led to another…

A new idea was born.

It started a few weeks ago when I was feeling blue. (Here’s that post.) It was one of those days, you know, when you wake up in the morning feeling drained and your energies are low… So I did this little exercise of walking around and observing what’s around me, the camera’s lens as my window to the world. I snapped some pics, then downloaded and examined them all. I found that it has lifted my spirit and put me back on track.

Last week I was supposed to meet a friend for coffee at a cupcake store. When I got there I found out they have no places to sit. No tables, no chairs. Only a stunning display of cupcakes. I left and called my friend to suggest another place to meet but I knew I will be back to buy some before I head back home. And so, that Friday, I did not bake a cake for the weekend! Instead I brought home lovely fluffy cupcakes in different frostings and flavors, securely packaged in their beautiful Tiffany-blue colored box. (Needless to say, I had to sample one to make sure it was good enough for my family.)

These gorgeous cupcakes made me start noticing pink things. Of course it’s not about the “things” it’s about what these things represent, their meaning and what they symbolize, right?! Like comfy fluffy fleece sweatshirts you change into when you get back home after work or running errands all day because all you want is to feel homey and snuggle in a soft blanket but it’s not time yet to go to bed ‘cause you still need to make dinner and do million other things, so you reach for the fleece and… mine is pink.


This one’s not mine. That’s where I draw the line, no hearts on my shirts!


And there are other pinks I notice. Like diaries with secrets and stories that will never be published

IMG_3480 IMG_3645

A little farewell gift I gave to my father after a trip we had about 10 years ago. I was still single then. We had good time together, took a few road trips and had fun. When it was time to go back home, I left it at his house where it sat on a bookshelf under his TV at the same spot I left it for years and now, after he died, it’s back with me at my home.


Lots of pink in kiddies’ stuff.

Kids can drive you nuts sometimes and make you tired in so many ways, but they are so cute and adorable, and unconditionally love you. Every day is a new beginning with little kids. You get a fresh start. There are lots of hearts involved.

IMG_3682 IMG_3562
IMG_3515 IMG_3493
IMG_3672 IMG_3681


on little PJs and blankets

IMG_3527b IMG_3670

But you’ll have to search hard to find anything pink in a boy’s room. Our society considers it a very unmanly color and doesn’t make pink boys’ stuff. But I didn’t give in. (There are some cute pink worms on the comforter cover too.) It was hard to find. Thank you, Ikea!

IMG_3514 IMG_3511

Of course, with little girls it’s easy to find pink. Pink, pink, pink is everywhere. Unlike with boys, with girls stuff it’s very difficult to avoid pink. Not that my little one is asking for it (yet?) as much as it is simply everywhere!


I used to intensely dislike pink. I couldn’t stand it for being what seemed to me to be so cheerful and…cute…. and so… optimistic… and fairy-tale like. And way too girly. As far as I was concerned, pink was a color of weakness and fluffiness. I considered myself too tough for that. An iron woman. Serious. And tough. Beyond cuteness and pinkness. I never even imagined using the word “cute”. But I’ve changed.

Pink Lady

Now that I’m a mother I’ve changed my mind about pink.


It doesn’t mean that you will catch me walking around wearing pink. OK, maybe occasionally. I admit it, I own a pink T-shirt, and that cozy fleecy pink sweatshirt.

me in pink

And I don’t feel so strongly against pink as I used to.

I have softened.

I now enjoy cute pink cupcakes without making any excuses.


Two more things:

1. This post was also submitted as a guest post on The Pink Apron blog. Kelly writes the The Pink Apron blog, which she considers a marriage of from-scratch techniques and modern flavors.  She loves looking for the stories behind the meal that make even the most ordinary of meals feel special. I love Kelly’s blog, go check it out.

2. I would like to turn these color themed “Happy” posts into a series with all the colors and I would like you to join me. Try it. Walk around, observe, reflect on the people and the things that make you happy. I find that it makes me slow down and notice what I might be ignoring or taking for granted, the many joys that life has to offer.

You can also join me by sending me a photo with the chosen color of the month and I will include it in my next post. (If you’re a blogger, I’ll add your link to the post).

Taking photos of pink things made me realize there are lots of hearts involved. Then I realized that next month is February which means… Valentine’s Day! So let’s make it red. Send me a photo with something red by Monday, 2/8, to be included in the next “Happy: Red” post. Will you join me? E-mail me to nurit AT familyfriendlyfood DOT com


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