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I woke up this morning totally not wanting write about food. I was feeling blue.

Maybe because I was tired.

Maybe because my throat is a bit soar. I drank tea, not coffee, which is always a sign that I’m not feeling well.

My energy levels were down.

We woke around 7 am, then I went to the kitchen to put water in the kettle for tea and make warm chocolate milk for the kids. Later, we sat at the table for breakfast. My husband and children ate the banana bread I baked last night silently. But not for long.

It amazes me how children wake up so energized, always happy, loud, and playful. I love it. Most of the time their joy is contagious, but on a morning like this… not so much.

I felt a bit disconnected from the commotion the kids made in the kitchen.

I sat with my head down, but in the middle of all of this I noticed from the corner of my eye the morning’s blue light sneaking in through the blinds, reflecting its color on the white window frame.

I love this blue light.

It calms me down. It makes me feel good. It is peaceful and reassuring.

This blue light is a constant reminder of the life that I now have. A life that I love.

A few days ago when most people were happily tweeting around Christmas time, I tweeted to someone saying I’m feeling a bit blue. Her response was “Best of luck with that blue thing…look at it as a color for healing perhaps!”

Hmm, well… you know what happens when the negative self-dialogue takes place, right?! My first thought was, “I’m feeling down, I want to feel sad, but other people just can’t take it! These people always put a pressure on others to be constantly happy and put a smile on their faces only because they cannot contain it.” La la la la la…. You know how it goes.

There is something about holding on to feeling sad, isn’t it?

Well, that time the blue-liness went away with the help of this and we had a fun day.

This morning, when it was a teeny tiny feeling of blueliness, something about it felt right, and cozy. It made me want to hang on to it for a while and reflect on it, examine it, try to understand it.

I took my camera and went outside to take photos of the trees and the blue morning light. I had to!

After that, I went back inside and walked around the house and snapped photos of blue things that make me feel good.

It was a good exercise and it made me feel great at the end.

Here’s what I saw…




My collection of “Hamsa”
IMG_2297 IMG_2298
IMG_2295 IMG_2299

Holiday decorations



IMG_2871 IMG_2881

The husb and kids left the house but I’m still in my PJ. Can you see me?



IMG_2893 IMG_2896IMG_2914IMG_2898


IMG_2907 IMG_2911

And, from other days…

I always love to see a man with a vacuum :)


IMG_2335 IMG_2339





Gosh, there are so many people and things that I love, not only blue. All I need is just to look around me and see them all.

OK, I’m feeling much bluer now. In a much better way. Time to go and get dressed and get back to work. I love my blue jeans.


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