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Hunger challenge 2010 – Hungry, not only for food Hunger challenge 2010 – Hungry, not only for food

I find it a difficult to write about hunger when it comes to my own personal story. I remember being hungry too but no, we were not poor. So I believe… Although my father was nowhere in sight ’cause he was living on a different planet (OK, not planet, continent), my mother had a good job […]

Hunger challenge 2010 – Giving Hunger challenge 2010 – Giving

Everyone I know has a fridge full of food. A full pantry. A full freezer. I go to friends houses, take the kids on play dates… Every home I’ve been to has plenty of food. The generous hosts will offer a cup of coffee or tea and ask if I wanted anything to eat, give […]

United Way's Hunger Challenge 2010: Freedom to choose United Way's Hunger Challenge 2010: Freedom to choose

$74.94 is what I spent at the grocery store, pretty much on a whim. A few chocolate bars and heavy cream for a cake, 2 loaves of freshly baked bread, coffee, fruits and vegetables, deli meat, and a few other things. For $7 a day per person, or $22 a day for a family of […]

Poffertjes Poffertjes

There was hardly any time to take photos as my husband and kids came back home and got all curious about what I was making in the kitchen. Poffertjes. The first time I ate poffertjes was back in 1989. I’ll help you out, that’s 21 years ago! Gosh, I sure grew up since. But in […]

Happy: Feeling Pink Happy: Feeling Pink

It all started with a cupcake. This cupcake.   After eating it, I was so happy that I started seeing pink, pink, pink everywhere I looked. Do you see everything in pink too or is it just me?   Seriously now. One thing led to another… A new idea was born. It started a few […]

Honey vanilla pound cake Honey vanilla pound cake

Hey, you have noticed it’s been a while since I’ve posted a cake, right?! I’m really truly sorry about that. Cake means a lot to me. Cake is family and a home. I hope that by now it means a little to you too. If not a lot. Maybe it’s time to bring the cake […]

The fancy dinner The fancy dinner

“smush kidney beans with sour cream makes a rely good FANCY dinner with music like in a resturant with fruit all  urawnd the table.” My son typed that. Translation: Smooshing kidney beans with sour cream makes a really good FANCY dinner with music like in a restaurant with fruit all around the table. The other […]

No recipe No recipe

I don’t feel like posting recipes lately. Do you mind at all? I wonder… Please do tell me. Because my head seems to be more into daily family stuff, writing or photographing whatever is around me than posting new recipes that I cooked or baked. I feel more excited telling you about Saturday then the […]

Sweet stuff Sweet stuff

So what did I bake in the past year? There were lots of cakes and cookies but for you I’ve posted only the best ones! Note the photography. I think I got better this year and soon I will share with you more Food photography posts and what I learned…. Meanwhile, I have found 2 […]

Happy: Feeling blue Happy: Feeling blue

I woke up this morning totally not wanting write about food. I was feeling blue. Maybe because I was tired. Maybe because my throat is a bit soar. I drank tea, not coffee, which is always a sign that I’m not feeling well. My energy levels were down. We woke around 7 am, then I […]