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Happy Chanukah

So many parties going on…

Here’s the story of one of the parties we went to…

First, the minute the door got opened, the smell of oil hits you right in the nose. This is why…


More about the miracle of Hanukah and a Latkes recipe on MomGrind here.


Lots and lots of latkes


Lots and lots of food


IMG_2018 IMG_2022b
IMG_2025b IMG_2053b

Then there’s eating…

And then waiting…



And then, there’s lots and lots of light

Hanukah lighting candles

Hanukiyot 2   IMG_2161

But this, this is what people have really been waiting for!


Hanukkah doughnuts made of sweet yeast dough and fried in oil, then injected with jam (strawberry is the traditional) and sprinkled with lots of powdered sugar.
IMG_2092 IMG_2104


Lots and lots of sweet doughnuts

Hanukah doughnuts

Happy Hanukka, Hanukkah, Chanukka, Chanukkah,  etc etc!

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