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I have a friend. Let’s call her R. I’ve known her for about 8 years. But only about a year ago we became good friends. Sometimes, it takes the right moment for the spark that brings two people together to happen. Do you know what I mean? There’s someone next to you but you don’t really see him or her. You go on with your life not knowing that this person will be important to you one day. Then, this day arrives… and you become friends.

It started with a walk.

We met at friends house, nothing special happened. Then and I wanted to go for a walk with my baby in her stroller to try and put her to sleep. R was the only one who was interested to join me. As soon as we walked out the door, we had the most amazing conversation, very open, intimate, and honest about things that matter. Since then we put more efforts to stay in touch, to meet, to call, and recently… we started getting together once a week to write. She writes her second book, I started to work on mine.

We meet at a coffee shop


There she comes…


Pretty necklace


We sit across from one another, each one working on her laptop



With a cup of coffee or tea.


When it’s her turn, she chooses the coffee shop by atmosphere – she likes music in the background and cozy places, preferably with books around – while my first criterion is the quality of the coffee. I got to have good coffee! So we’re still looking for the best place that will work for both of us.

One day, I brought my camera… and when I needed a break from writing… I played a little…




She made me re-focus and go back to work.


But not before I begged her to take some photos of me because as the family photographer I don’t have too many good ones. I actually have a hard time being brave and looking at the camera in the eye. But I try, I try…

IMG_1593 IMG_1599

C’mon smile a little…


I wrote some more, then I got stuck, so I played some more. I felt good that day!


Lovely necklace


What is she typing there all the time?


I had to take a peek


A-ha! (She let me read some of it.)


Can you tell that I was stuck?

But I did figure out some key things since that day and made progress. I don’t bring the camera with me anymore on these days. But when we met at a coffee shop next to a book store, guess where did I go?

I love meeting R for writing. She provides support and insights. She says out loud words I’m afraid to write.

She provides perspective and she challenges me to open up and to write what I want to say.

I’m looking forward to many more writing Wednesdays 2010!

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