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Minestrone time Minestrone time

This soup has been waiting to be published for a looong time. With all the holidays bustle of shopping and cookies baking, it got buried under a pile of other recipes and things to do and write about that wouldn’t wait any longer. It’s been waiting since…. hmmm, 3 weeks ago? It was freezing cold […]

Every home needs a cookie jar Every home needs a cookie jar

I have said so many times before, I’m a cake person, not a cookie lday, and certainly not a pie woman. Or, at least I thought so… I’m sure there is a deep meaning to all of this. I never really put much thought into this matter but it feels like there’s a profound philosophical […]

Fun, fun, fun day Fun, fun, fun day

I could sum it up this way: play, cook, eat, clean, play, cook, eat, clean. But… It started with a lazy morning watching TV The Wiggles… Then, some kitchen time/putting the kid to work and cleaning up a little or watching the others clean up More play time and more play time I knew it […]

Happy: Assume good intentions Happy: Assume good intentions

As I’m writing this post, I am thinking about someone I know. She never reads my blog. For the benefit of the doubt, I’d say she rarely reads my blog. There are things I want to say and I wish she would listen to me. She probably won’t, but you will? I spoke with a […]

Food photography: How to choose a camera - SLR versus compact Food photography: How to choose a camera - SLR versus compact

This is a guest post by Simone. Simone is a professional photographer who wants to become a food photographer. She has culinary customers but she still photographs weddings, portraits, product etc. She gives food photography workshops for beginners and food bloggers in Holland, where she lives. She says “That is great fun and people are […]

Happy: Writing with a friend Happy: Writing with a friend

I have a friend. Let’s call her R. I’ve known her for about 8 years. But only about a year ago we became good friends. Sometimes, it takes the right moment for the spark that brings two people together to happen. Do you know what I mean? There’s someone next to you but you don’t […]

Food books I love Food books I love

I really did not plan to post a gift guide. But, as I was finalizing my own gift list, the who, the what, the when, and the why, I started thinking about books. How could I not? I love books. I’m always happy to receive a book as a gift. (Or something for the kitchen, […]

My first time Madeleine cookies, virtually baked My first time Madeleine cookies, virtually baked

Have you ever virtually baked with anyone?

Menu For Hope VI Menu For Hope VI

There are so many things I want to tell you about. There’s a Minestrone soup I want to share with you… A quick Hanukah fritters recipe… Orange Madeleine cookies… So much I’d like to tell you about… But right now, the most important thing is Menu For Hope. Menu for Hope is an annual fundraising […]

Many ways to spell Hanukkah Many ways to spell Hanukkah

So many parties going on… Here’s the story of one of the parties we went to… First, the minute the door got opened, the smell of oil hits you right in the nose. This is why… More about the miracle of Hanukah and a Latkes recipe on MomGrind here. Lots and lots of latkes