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from dark to light

I love this photo. As it happens, it very much reflects what I want to share with you today. Darkness behind the little girl and a glow of light in front of her, it symbolizes the way I see myself. (I took this photo a few months ago and it was a spontaneous one.)

I was feeling a bit gloomy the other day. It was one of those days when reading happy cheery posts on other blogs made me feel even worse. I was sort of thinking that everyone else’s life is so great and wonderful while I was feeling down. Then I started wondering, are all those happy blogging people really happy all the time? Or do they save their blog posts to those times when they are joyful and choose not to share the not so glamorous moments of their lives?

I tend to believe it’s option B.

Most of the blogs I read are food blogs and they tend to focus on the fun, humoristic, and entertaining parts of life. Then I came across a post on Dine and Dish blog where the author shared her story about having post-partum depression and I felt admiration for her and for her courage to share that experience, as well as I felt amazed by the readers who posted comments and shared their own stories and/or encouraging words for her. How fantastic is that? And so real life.

Because sometimes I feel a little down. And sometimes it could be more then a little. Doesn’t this happen to everyone?! My problem is that when this happens to me I forget, or choose not to see, the good things in my life.

I wrote a while ago about my blog being my happy place. Then my father got sick, then he died, and during those months a Pandora box has opened up and brought back memories of past events that I wanted to forget and leave behind me. A past that turned me into a sad teenager and 20-something years young/old woman.

But then, my life has changed so much in the last decade and there are plenty of good things in my life now. I am truly fortunate with how things turned out. My present IS a “present”. So much that if I was given a choice to change the past I wouldn’t dare touch it because that might mean that my life today could end up being different. I love my life today.

For those emotionally gray and rainy days, when I focus on the bad stuff, I need reminders right in front of my face of the people, places, events, and all the things that make me happy. Reminders that the sun is still out there, hiding behind the clouds. So, I’ve decided to start a new sort of “column” that I’ll title “Happy”.

To keep it balanced and real, of course I will still blog about the upsetting and annoying things too (like family and picky eaters ), don’t worry :), because I am very much aware of the importance of letting other people know that I’m human, and like any other human, I have my ups and downs, sometimes I feel successful and sometimes I think that I suck, I bounce between thinking I’m a good mother to thinking I’m a bad one, a good wife and sometimes not… just like most (all?) people… It sure helps me to know that about other people.

So, whenever you see the word “Happy” in the title you can make the choice to read it or not. Depending on your mood that day. Right now, I feel like counting my blessings, so if you don’t feel like it, it’s time to look the other way. But please don’t.

(OK, ‘nough messing up with your minds. And mine.)

I send kisses and hugs your way,


* * *

First and most important to remember on a rainy day, are 3 people who make me very very happy. They are my sunshines (and I don’t care that there is no plural for “sunshine”!) I was like a cocoon before them. They are making me a butterfly.

I love leisurely Saturdays with them.

Having a good simple lunch together with my 3 most favorite people.


Then going out to the backyard, gathering piles of leaves and cleaning up the backyard for winter. (Doesn’t he look like a man with a mission? So determined.)


Everyone helps



Then we go to the front yard

I love to watch the kids riding their bikes


…and playing with Charlie, the neighbors’ dog


I love them so much that it makes me want to be a better, best-er, the best-est-errr person for them, if not for me.

I want them to be happy, so I choose to look at Mr. Happy (or is it Mrs.?) in the face and I say “bring it on”!

* * *

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