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Yesterday I hesitated before pressing the “publish” button for my first “Happy” post but I did.

Later that day I went out for a cooking class at Sur La Table with Mrs. Steamy Kitchen.

me and steamy

I haven’t seen my husband and my kids since that morning when they left for school and work. It felt weird to be at home all by myself, so quiet. It was a bit like when I was single, pre husband, pre kids. I was thinking how just the day before I felt I’m going to lose my mind when both kids were whining and crying about this or that for a whole frickin’ hour, including my little girl’s daily poopy episodes. Ohhhhhhhh, I wanted to run away from home.

But yesterday I had a break. A little vacation. My husband picked up the kids and I was hoping I will see them before I go to my class, but they did not return and I left the house.

When I came back home around 9:30 PM I checked my messages. There were a few lovely comments and e-mails from readers about the post. One of them was an e-mail from my 6 years old saying:


My husband says my little boy typed that on his own in his own words and my son says that his sister chose the colors.


Awwwwwwwwww… melts my heart.

So this morning I rewarded him with a treat. Cereals for breakfast (which normally we don’t eat daily and when we do it’s for a snack). Happily, he took out his TV tray and lined it up with breakfast food. (OK OK, I confess, the fridge was pretty empty and not too many choices for breakfast).

My conclusions?

1. For me, a home with kids, with all the joys and challenges, and sometimes stress to the point of exhaustion, is so much better then a quiet kid-free home.

2. A little break every now and then from the daily routine is very important! It re-energizes, it gives perspective, an opportunity to appreciate what I have in my life, and a chance miss my loved ones.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some grocery shopping to do…

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