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You have probably noticed it too. Deep in your heart, you know it’s about to happen. But maybe you don’t like to say it out loud, just like me. And if you blink, they will be gone. Summer fruits. That’s it. Finished. Over. All done ‘till next year! A few more sunny days and any minute it might start raining for days and and days that a person might forget that there IS a sun behind the clouds.

I know, I know, I have already posted a wild mushroom soup recipe and potato leek soup recipe and I showed you how much fun we had at the Harvest Fall festival… I am already in a “Fall mode”. But then I saw these photos that I took only two months ago – Gosh, two months have passed so quickly! – of roasted nectarines with ice cream, white chocolate, and raspberries.

Summer fruits… If you have been following my blog for a while, you might have noticed that only on rare occasions there is any baked or cooked fruit here. A sporadic recipe for summer fruit crostata and you there might be a special one-time appearance of an apple pie. Soon. But no promises. But you will never ever catch me making jam, marmalade, bake any fruit pie, or do any cooking with fresh fruit for that matter. OK, you got my point. Fresh and in season fruits are too good to be punished with sugar and heat. That’s what I say. Oh so good and perfect, like those figs, they don’t need anything added to them. Really.


That said, you might have noticed that the nectarines and peaches in the stores right now do not taste as they do when it’s the peak of their season. however, those in the photos, taken in August, were not so awesome either. You got to know where find the good stuff! Real fruit that taste real good and not like a plastic-ness nothingness. And this is why they got a sprinkle of sugar and went into the oven. I swear, that was the only way to save them.

They were just mehh, ehh ok, not too exciting, or sweet or juicy, so I used Ina Garten’s recipe for roasting them (You can find the recipe is here on the Food Network web site). They got sugared and baked, then out of the oven, they went straight into a bowl of ice cream, got a sprinkle of chopped white chocolate, and some fresh tangy raspberries to keep them company.

Now, that was more like it. Sweet and soft and mooshy and a bit caramely, the nectarines were hot and made the ice cream and chocolate melt. That was more like it. Something to devour.


And that’s all I had to say.

I do wonder what whipped cream and melted milk chocolate would have done to them…

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