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It was a gorgeous winter day. Although it started gray and cold – welcome winter? – it turned into a sunny warm day with white clouds in the blue sky.


What better way to shut off the constant buzz inside my head – can you hear it too? – than going out on a farms tour?

We went to two local farms as part of the Harvest Celebration where you can see for yourself where and how farmers grow our local foods, raise farm animals, and steward rural and agricultural land.


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the great outdoors, the open space, the green fields… acres and acres of land, water, beautiful countryside, and fresh air.

I had a chance to chat with a guy who was an intern with PCC Farmland Trust which “secures, preserves and stewards threatened farmland in the Northwest, to ensure that generations of local farmers productively farm it using sustainable, organic growing methods… by working to place farmers on the property, actively producing food for the local community.”

Important stuff!


Since we only had time to visit 2 farms, we chose ones that had food to eat and chef demos. I got to see Becky, a.k.a as Chef Reinvented, who prepared braised kale with balsamic vinegar, pine nuts, raisins, and cheese on toasted bread (t’was sweet and savory, you gotta love kale), and Rachel from PCC who was in charge of grilling corn and charming smiles.

IMG_7706 IMG_7737

Local, fresh, organic corn, grilled and basted with lime juice, olive oil, and herbs.


We love corn and extremely enjoyed this


as well as the horsie wagon ride


and the stories this guy who was quite a character, told us about his childhood and what the place looked like back then. He might look a bit scary, but was very sweet really


Live country music = fun



Kids and adults get all excited to the sight of live farm animals from a close distance, don’t they?!





as well as doing some arts and crafts


Visiting local farms and farm stands is an excellent opportunity to shop for the freshest local produce that was picked that same day (or a day ahead) and is mostly organic and cost much less $$

buying produce





Gorgeous, isn’t it?!

As are the buckets of flowers



and playing with some old tractors


If you missed the festival/s this year, add it to your calendar for next year, around September, to keep an eye for updates.

And don’t forget to smile…

say cheese

Say “chhheeeeeeeeeeeese”.

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