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A few weeks ago we went on a little family vacation just before school started. Vacations with kids, you probably know (or can imagine), are a lot of fun, but can be very tiring. To minimize energy waste, we like to get a room with a small kitchenette or at least a (mini) fridge. Why? Because as much as we like to eat out – and we do! The kids too! – it can be quite stressful to do so for a whole week, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and maybe even snacks. That is why. (See my post from last year: 11 tips for eating out (with kids) while on vacation.)

When I find a good deal on a room with a small kitchen and a dining table we eat out only once or twice a day. It saves time, money, we eat better, the kids are more relaxed, we get more fruits and vegetables in our diet, and it feels more like our family meal times at home. Warm and fuzzy. yeah, right, maybe actually more like picky and whiny. But I digress. Preparing/assembling light meals in your room is also a great excuse – as if you need one – to explore and shop at the local farmers market and stores and try new foods.

On our last trip we went shopping at a small store in the village where I found amazing goat cheeses with different flavors. I chose one with olive oil, garlic and rosemary… Need I say more?! At about the same time, I was contacted by Chavrie, the goat cheese company, with a generous giveaway offer. Talk about coincidence.

Here is what you can win:


Gourmet Fall Entertaining (estimated value $100) that includes:

*Williams-Sonoma Cherry Wood Bread Board with Dip Bowl (like the one you see in the photos)
*Cooking.com Gift Certificate for $50.00
*Dried fruits and Crystallized Ginger
*Chavrie Coupons – Free Cheese, of course!
*Chavrie recipe cards (dips, quick tips and wine suggestions)

To win, all you have to do is comment on any post starting today 9/15/09 and ending 10/5/09. (The more comments you post, the bigger your chances to win. Makes sense…). The prize will be sent to the winner directly by Chavrie. Check back after 10/5/09 to see if you have won!  Limited to the US only. Sorry.



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A platter of goat cheese

On your beautiful cheese board, put dried fruits, fresh fruits, crackers, bread, nuts, whatever you like or have in the pantry that’s good.

Serve to your guests.

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Goat cheese in extra virgin olive oil, garlic and rosemary marinade

1 package (about 4-6 oz.) goat cheese
1 clove garlic, smashed
1 sprig rosemary, lightly crushed to release its flavor
5-6 whole black peppercorns, or grounded
Salt, if needed, taste to see
Extra virgin olive oil, to cover the cheese

Place all the ingredients in a jar. Close with a lid. Refrigerate at least one day ahead.
Serve with toasted bread or crackers.






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