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It’s been many years since I bought figs. I think.

I usually pass by them and rarely grab one. Sometimes they’re too expensive. Sometimes they’re not so fresh, sometimes… they are just not that tempting.

But my sister loves figs.

When she was visiting us, we went grocery shopping and she instinctively reach her hand, got one little basket, and put it in the cart. (Who do you think paid?)

Fig cut

We snacked on them at home. Not even one fig was saved. I forgot how exciting it can be to eat a fig.

When they are ripe just right, they are so sweet and taste like good honey, and so special.

You got to admit, there IS something unique about figs that you don’t get with any other fruit. Not even with a pluot.

Figs 2

Could it be the forbidden fruit?  



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Figs with yogurt, honey and…

So, basically (first time I’m using this word!), for the perfect quick little snack, you take:

1/2 – 1 cup of thick yogurt
a few figs, sliced
nectarine, diced
some berries, sliced
nuts, if you are… into nuts, chopped
and a drizzle of honey

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