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Harvest Celebration Farm Tour 2009 Harvest Celebration Farm Tour 2009

It was a gorgeous winter day. Although it started gray and cold – welcome winter? – it turned into a sunny warm day with white clouds in the blue sky. What better way to shut off the constant buzz inside my head – can you hear it too? – than going out on a farms […]

Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: How to make Shakshuka? Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: How to make Shakshuka?

Before we start discussing anything, I’d like to tell you right away what not to do when you make Shakshuka. Do not burn it! OK, now let’s take a few steps back and start from the beginning. When I saw this photo in Sunset magazine (09/09 issue) for Paprika Tomatoes with Poached Eggs (Shakshouka), it […]

Figs with yogurt and honey Figs with yogurt and honey

It’s been many years since I bought figs. I think. I usually pass by them and rarely grab one. Sometimes they’re too expensive. Sometimes they’re not so fresh, sometimes… they are just not that tempting. But my sister loves figs. When she was visiting us, we went grocery shopping and she instinctively reach her hand, […]

Foraged wild mushrooms soup Foraged wild mushrooms soup

Yesterday turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. It started grayish and rainy but around 10 am the sky became clearer and bluer. That made me happy and at the same time nervous, realizing all of a sudden that summer is coming to an…. end. I had a little panic attack. Then I started […]

Goat cheese two ways and a new cool giveaway Goat cheese two ways and a new cool giveaway

A few weeks ago we went on a little family vacation just before school started. Vacations with kids, you probably know (or can imagine), are a lot of fun, but can be very tiring. To minimize energy waste, we like to get a room with a small kitchenette or at least a (mini) fridge. Why? […]

Foodbuzz Blog Awards Foodbuzz Blog Awards

You have heard about Foodbuzz a few times before in this blog. I have written a few posts for their Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24 event (“5 stars dinner at home”, “Dinner at Dahlia lounge”, “Ray’s Boathouse”, and “An evening with Seattle writers”). It is an online community of food bloggers and it’s a great place […]

Sisters Sisters

I have a sister. The first time we met I was 18 years old, she was 9, our brother 7. After that, another 10 years passed by until we met again. We grew up in two different continents, in two separate families, and we have no shared childhood experiences. Since I moved to the US, […]

Chocolate-vanilla tea biscuits bars Chocolate-vanilla tea biscuits bars

This post has been sitting on my desk, actually on my computer screen, open for the past week. If it were on paper, I would have probably torn it to little pieces by now. I can’t even remember, what was the point I wanted to make in this post? In order to finish it, I […]

Israeli couscous with fresh veggies salad and… little thieves Israeli couscous with fresh veggies salad and… little thieves

An innocent and unsuspecting salad… but then… a little hand… Who could it be?