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Things I love about summer…

Dedicated to my friend Keren, the Frantic Foodie who is trying to do it all (she is getting SO much done! Amazing.) and all the mothers out there. I love you, Moms!

summer tomatoes

taking a nap…


curly hair… (OK, it has nothing to do with summer)


water and everything in it (well, most of it, but not sharks or crabs with big pinchy claws)…


baby’s first whole peach and an appetite for life…


best dad in the whole wide world… (actually, it’s an all seasons kinda thing)


playing chess by the lake (he won)…


chasing bubbles by the beach…


blinding sun and lots of colors…


day trips and trying new bakeries and restaurants


So what if we eat more of this?

mushroom pizza

as well as hot dogs… and corn on the cob… way more than usual. (More hot dogs in the past month than in my whole life)

OK, so I am risking being banned from the foodie community.

But time do fly by fast. And kids… they don’t wait, they grow way too fast.

This is where motherhood joins forces with creativity – OK, maybe creativity has nothing to do with it, reality is more like it – and we, mothers, are very good in getting things done, aren’t we?!

So I came up with a weekly meal plan that allows us to have fun in the sun, play and run, get the work done, and have a meal right on time, just before the sun goes down, another day ends, and another begun…

Last summer I posted my ideas for quick summer dinners. I guess I’m pretty consistent with my choices, aren’t I?! When the sun is out, I prefer to take the kids to the park than stay at home and cook dinner. I rather play with them instead of letting them play by themselves while I cook by myself in the kitchen. Honestly, I prefer to do that any day, no matter which season it is. Family comes first, right?! Food is somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd place. Check out August 2008’s “How to spend more time with your kids AND have a daily home-made meal

More easy recipe ideas:

Sweet summer heirloom tomatoes soup

Home-made lettuce salad

Spaghetti with Carbonara

and, in general, see Summer recipes

One year ago: Kids menu – Is it good for them? Is it good for you? “I am not a big fan of the kids menu provided by restaurants. After spending a week on vacation and eating out 1-3 times a day, I like it even less.”

Meanwhile, waiting for more tomatoes…

more tomatoes

garden tomatoes

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