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Ruth Reichl

I’ve got two signed copies of this book and am giving one away, hurray!

In case you don’t know who she is, Ruth Reichl is a culinary authority as the editor of Gourmet magazine, author of plenty of cookbooks and food books (see her web site), and a former restaurant critic of the New York Times.

In her latest “Not Becoming My Mother” book, Reichl reveals another side of her mother with whom she had complicated relationship throughout her life. After her mother’s death, Reichl finds a box full of diaries, letters and notes written by and to her mother. She puts the pieces together, investigating her mother’s life, and discovers a new and more understanding way to relate to her mother.

But, you see, Ruth Reichl is about 60 years old and her mother would have been 100 years old if she was still alive, and I’m wondering– is it really possible to change one’s complex relationships with one’s parents while the parents are alive, or is it more of an after death experience?

In her previous books Ruth Reichl writes about trying to be as far from her mother as she could because her mom drove her crazy. Unlike another famous blogger and new book writer Molly Wizenberg who says that her parents “are easy people to love”, Reichl had a hard time with this one.

A few weeks ago, during an event that Keren, the Frantic Foodie, has organized with Reichl at Olivar restaurant in Seattle, I had  a chance to ask her about it. I asked if she thought her relationship with her mother could have been a better one had she discovered all those things while she was still alive. Reichl said she thinks their relationships could have been a better and closer one.

What do you think?

The giveaway:

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6/23/09 UPDATE:

Ruth Reichl’s publicist has generously given me 4 additional copies of the book to give away.
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