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“Eating greens is a special treat. It makes looong ears and great big feet”.

Oh, I have waited such a long time to post that! D’you know who said that? (The answer at bottom of the post).

When you grow your own lettuce you have no choice but eat your greens. And fast.

Only 1 weeks ago the lettuces looked like this:

small lettuce

And now, this (and I have already harvested them once):

big lettuce

This is what sun, fresh air, water, and good food full of nutrients (in the lettuce’s case, good soil) do to you. So take good care of yourself, OK?

And in case you were curious, the salad in the top photo is a simple one: a mix of lettuces, including arugula (my favorite), fresh herbs (cilantro, basil parsley, or whatever you have), hard-boiled egg, avocado, olive oil, splash of lemon, salt, pepper. Serve with a thick piece of bread slathered with creamy butter.

Now, to other things.

First, the autographed* copy of Ruth Reichl’s new book “Not Becoming My Mother” GIVEAWAY! Details here. Go and post a comment. I’m sure you have something to say ‘bout it. And if there are many comments=big interest in the book, I might be able to find a few extra copies to give.

Second, let’s talk about personal food blogs that inspire you and give them some link love.

I’d like you to recommend food blogs that combine life and food stories. Real life of real people that has touched your soul – made you laugh/cry/get mad/have sex/do something – and cook.

Add your recommendations in the comment section, up to 3 blogs, and explain in a few sentences why you like them.

I will link to your blog, and will bring up your comment and the blogs links to the post section.

I’m so curious to see which blogs you will introduce.

 * * * * * *

Here’s what readers recommend (add yours too!):

Phoo-D blog, food for anyone with an address, recommends: Joy the baker, The Paupered chef, Evil chef mom. They share the ups and downs of taking on personal challenges in the kitchen and share touching stories about life outside of cooking. I always leave with a smile, a laugh, or inspired to go tackle a new project.

Julie, culinary and nutrition educator, recommends: I recently discovered Lettuce Eat Kale, (which, in light of your recent post, I imagine you’ll love the name) – great blog, interesting posts.

Marsha recommends: The pioneer woman, Smitten kitchen, Get off your butt and bake. All of these sites have encouraged me to try new ingredients, produce my own recipes, and make my love of cooking and baking even stronger.

Panda Foodie recommends The frantic foodie. To me, this is a very caring blog because she informs food bloggers around Seattle about various events and she organizes them, too!

Katrina from Eating on Tulsa time recommends: Omnomicon She’s smart and witty with an acidic tongue! I love her!
Tartelette This one has such beautiful pictures. I wish I could do that!, Steph chows Healthy food that actually tastes good! You can’t beat that!

Aimee from Under the highchair recommends: I’ve been hooked on Dinner with Julie for a while now. Guess I really connect with her as she is a mom to a 3yo boy as well. Plus these is no pretense, she blogs the good and the bad–and often! I’m always moved by her writing.

Kate from Kate’s Musings recommends: Under the highchair Aimee has inspired me many times when I have been worn out from a long day with two little ones. I also love Foodgawker -the visual porthole to a huge variety of foodie blogs/sites. One visit to this site and you’ll know why it is called food gawker! The photos make my mouth water!

Matt of No Meat Athlete recommends: Eat live run (lots of good looking snacks), Fertile healthy (very inspiring), Healthy tipping point (a fellow vegetarian athlete who eats great food).

Diana from Dianasaur dishes, here’s my blogs that have touched me: I love Steamy Kitchen because Jaden is so real and passionate and lets you know exactly what she’s thinking. Her blog is what inspired me to put recipes on my blog and she really seeks to build community with her readers. I also enjoy Dine and Dish because her posts always feel like she’s telling you about her day over a cup of steaming hot coffee.

Kristi from Sprouts in the kitchen says: My absolute favorit these days is Food on the food, Smitten kitchen is great.
I LOVE most anything from Mark Bittman, and I’m loving blogging on my own food/kid blog, too!

Update: No more comments. This post seems to attract a LOT of spam beacuse the comments’ section was open to links.

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Answer: Thumper, the bunny in the movie Bambi

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