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This blog will soon turn 1 years old! I always tried to keep it a happy place. Write only about cooking, baking, kids, parties, birthdays, farms, vacations… the good stuff, you know… Well, this might change and I’d like to know what you think about it.

You see, sometimes I visit blogs where everything looks so beautiful and life seems so perfect, and the stories are of happy lives full of joy, love, and all those good things. As much as I am truly happy for these people I, 1) don’t completely buy it because every person has problems, challenges, difficulties, and ups and downs from time to time, right?! and 2) it makes me feel a bit gloomy when I’m having rough times myself and I’m thinking about my difficulties versus these other happy places portrayed on these blogs.

Well, my blog is, after all, about family first, and food is only third place after friends. And family means, like food in a way, that sometimes the recipe turns out great and sometimes it sucks.

The side of my family I have showed you so far is my husband and my kids who have turned me upside down and inside out. I have changed so much in the past 8 years since I got married and became a mom. I had no choice. I love them so much and I want to be a much better person for them. It’s a constant challenge and a life long process. It’s a never ending journey. Or, a lot of introspection, in short.


I did not choose *** “Not Becoming My Mother” (an autographed!) book giveaway *** by chance (click the link for details on how to win this book here). After reading this book I had many many thoughts. I struggle with this on both ends, one as a parent working hard for winning my children’s love and respect. I don’t take it for granted that my kids should feel that way towards me because I gave them life. That was the easy part. I think parents need to gain their children respect through showing them respect and A LOT of love and care. And second, I think about my relationships with my own parents.

Especially now that my father is sick. Very sick. And I don’t know how long he will live, and if he will live what quality of life he is going to have after going through a bone marrow transplant that his brother donated to save him. We’re still waiting to see what happens.

Ruth Reichl had a box full of letters and it helped her rediscover her mother and understand her mother’s life better and in a more forgiving way. My dad, after his first cancer treatment, went back home and gave me an envelope with letters from my childhood. It had quite the opposite effect on me. The things I managed to put behind, some I forgave, some I forgot, have surfaced back.

I’m feeling that continuing to post recipes here and talk about the good life as if nothing else is happening in the background is like pretending that everything is cool when it’s not. I know that many people go through rough times with family matters and some of them still need to eat, right?! What I don’t know is… what do you think?

Do you think that food blogs should only be humorous, entertaining, and about the fun things in life, or is there a place for blogs that discuss heavier stuff now and then with a recipe for dinner or a cake?

Does food go only with a smile or can a tear appear as well every now and then?

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