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food safety food safety

Walking by this plant that I have put in the ground only a few weeks ago I noticed that although I provided him with the best care I could, looked all dry and dying. Then, a few days later, surprise… new flowers. It made me think about my father. Still fighting for his life after […]

banana nut bread, the best ever banana nut bread, the best ever

“Where is the photo of the banana bread?”, you might ask. And who is this person in the photo? (Photo was taken by my cousin). I told you in my recent “a happy place” post that my father gave me an envelope with letters from my childhood years. I read them but will need to […]

chocolate cake chocolate cake

Comfort food. That is what I need right now. Food that I don’t need to plan or think about too much. Food that doesn’t require instructions or a recipe. Food that everyone in the family loves. My favorite foods, since childhood, are breaded and fried chicken cutlets or  breaded and baked chicken drumsticks with mashed […]

Flesh and blood Flesh and blood

I want to write about my father. Posting recipes and acting as if nothing is happening is just unperceivable. But it is so hard. I think it might be easier to write about one’s father when the relationships are/were close and loving than when it was mostly full of disappointments.

food blogs that inspire & home-made lettuce food blogs that inspire & home-made lettuce

“Eating greens is a special treat. It makes looong ears and great big feet”. Oh, I have waited such a long time to post that! D’you know who said that? (The answer at bottom of the post). When you grow your own lettuce you have no choice but eat your greens. And fast. Only 1 […]

a happy place a happy place

This blog will soon turn 1 years old! I always tried to keep it a happy place. Write only about cooking, baking, kids, parties, birthdays, farms, vacations… the good stuff, you know… Well, this might change and I’d like to know what you think about it. You see, sometimes I visit blogs where everything looks […]

Not Becoming My Mother Not Becoming My Mother

I’ve got two signed copies of this book and am giving one away, hurray!

Salmon in Seattle or Copper River salmon, two ways Salmon in Seattle or Copper River salmon, two ways

At first, I didn’t want to title the post“Salmon in Seattle”… but then I just couldn’t resist. Salmon is a big deal in Seattle and there’s a lot of anticipation before the beginning of Copper River salmon season. But I have already mentioned that before so no need to go into it again, right? (If […]