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It’s been a while since I posted about cake. Last time it was………….. oh, yeah, right, Ricotta Bundt Cheesecake and it was waaaaaaaaay back in April!!! Yes, 2009. But still, not cool.

Well, this week is very important cake-wise. My son’s birthday is approaching and I need to figure out which cake it’s going to be. Actually, I always bake 2 cakes, one for the day of the birth date and one for the party. Which reminds me of Jessie’s (from Cakespy blog) Mother’s Day post about her mom and how she used to bake cupcakes for them because the making of the birthday cake took a long time and her mom did not want them to suffer while waiting and drooling over the cake. What a cool mom. I think in that way I’m a pretty OK mom too.

The cake in the top photo was actually more of a Sunday with 5 ice cream flavors, lots of fresh fruit, nuts, whipped cream, candy, chocolate syrup, cherries, and of course, sparklers. My son was so shocked by this gigantic “cake” that he almost cried. Oohhhhhhhh…


Then for the birthday party, I usually ask him what kind of cake he wants and then he gets to decorate it with his choice of candies. I’m not much of a cake decorator so this works great. In this photo below was a vanilla sheet cake I made with vanilla cream and mini marshmallows.

vanilla sheet cake

Another birthday cake I made  was Black Forest Chocolate Roulade. Also easy to make and very yum-yummy.

I promise to post a cake this week. Upcoming is a particularly fluffy coconut cake.

Meanwhile, tell me, tell me, tell me, what is your favorite birthday cake?

UPDATE: If you have specific recipes which can be found in a blog/post, let me know. I will link to you.

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