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Birthday dirt cake Birthday dirt cake

I had my eye on this cake for a few weeks now. I first saw it when Diana posted it on her blog in April. I knew then that I was going to make it as a surprise for my son on his birthday. I still looked around for other ideas and asked my Twitter […]

Fluffy coconut cake Fluffy coconut cake

Ok, time for a cake recipe. As promised. I made this cake 2 weeks ago!!!! But I got so much stuff to do every day that I just didn’t get to posting it. Do you have a crazy schedule with tons of things to do each and every day? I found a recipe for key […]

cake time cake time

It’s been a while since I posted about cake. Last time it was………….. oh, yeah, right, Ricotta Bundt Cheesecake and it was waaaaaaaaay back in April!!! Yes, 2009. But still, not cool. Well, this week is very important cake-wise. My son’s birthday is approaching and I need to figure out which cake it’s going to […]

Spaghetti with Carbonara Spaghetti with Carbonara

My curiosity for restaurants started when I was in my early twenties. As soon as I started earning enough money and could afford eating out in good places. I had a good friend then, Avi, with a similar interest in food and together we explored the big city’s best bakeries, cafes, and restaurants. He was […]

Urban garden, getting started Urban garden, getting started

When spring is springing I feel an urge to buy a couple of pots with fresh herbs and flowers. How about you? This year, I became aware of another side and added value to buying herbs in pots. One of the things I learned from the Hunger challenge is that I can save a lot […]

Cooking from the hip Cooking from the hip

How does your cooking for dinner routine look like? Are you cooking something quickly at home? Do you stop by the drive-thru? Are you being creative and playing with the food or are you stuck in a rut (like me, lately)? Are you cooking by yourself or maybe with your kids? Or are you one […]

Late bloomers and Roasted root vegetables Late bloomers and Roasted root vegetables

There’s a tree in our front yard. Every year, a late bloomer. All the other trees in the neighborhood are standing tall and proud, showing their flowers to everyone. Some trees are in the next stage of clinging to the last flowers which are peeking through the new fresh leaves that come after. The real fast ones […]

Chocolate hazelnuts cookies Chocolate hazelnuts cookies

I love out-of-focus photos. When I was a teenager, I loved taking photos on a diagonal. Go figure. But this blurry photo above does make the cookies look dreamy, doesn’t it?! Don’t they? Well, they are! I love love love hazelnuts. Do you? And hazelnuts with chocolate? Even better, right?! And what about hazelnuts with […]

Fish ‘n chips Fish ‘n chips

Sometimes I let the guys cook. They play in the kitchen, taking their time, talking, discussing the recipe, but using tongs because they don’t like touching the food and getting their hands dirty, ha ha.

Weight Loss Weekly – what to do about free food? Weight Loss Weekly – what to do about free food?

I want to have a cake and eat it too. And if I have to choose whether to have it or eat it, then I choose to… eat it. At this time in my life and my current age – getting closer and closer to 40, I cannot believe it, but I love it – […]