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Happy Monday everyone!

This week Bernie suggested the following topic: You’ve got a big event coming up, and you’re still not at a “happy weight”, how do you combat those feelings of self doubt and have a good time without getting caught up in the “I’m so fat, I look so bad” crazy talk running around in your head?

Sunny: The problem for me isn’t so much that I can’t have a good time because I’m so worried about how I look.  The hardest part is actually before… when I’m trying to pick out what to wear! Keep reading at That Extra 20 Pounds

Joie de vivre: Fortunately, I have always had pretty healthy self-esteem. Unfortunately, this is probably why I allowed myself to gain so much weight! Read more at Joie de vivre: An amateur gourmet’s guide

Bernie: This is a tricky one for me, something I have yet to conquer. It’s a battle, from the moment I find out about an upcoming event or occasion. I instantly calculate how much weight I could lose between now and then… Read more at Yo-yo no more

Me: Every time I need to dress up before date night – get out of my usual T-shirt and jeans and put on something nicer looking – I find that “I’ve got nothing to wear”. Sound familiar?

I put on clothes that at least at one point I thought were flattering only to find out that they don’t fit so nicely at the moment. This happens almost every time before we go out. While my husband gets dressed in 2 minutes, I need at least 20 minutes for trying different outfits until I find something I think fits me well. I get frustrated during that process, but after finding an outfit I think looks good, I usually don’t worry too much about how I look. That is until the next occasion when it’s time to dress up and find an outfit that will complement my curvy figure.

I keep wondering, what had happened from the time that I bought the clothes to the time I actually want to wear the clothes. What has changed in such short time? How could this be? Did I have a change in perspective about the physical world or should I get my eyes checked? The scale shows the same numbers, but my body seems to constantly change. Or maybe, again, it’s my vision…

Last Friday I went shopping with a friend. Remember our recent discussion about shopping for clothes while trying to lose weight? So we browsed through the new spring collections and tried on a few things. I felt a bit frustrated about my extra weight, recalling how I used to be skinny, wondering if I can be thinner again and if so maybe I shouldn’t buy any clothes because when I will lose weight these new clothes will be too big, and it’ll be a waste of money… But then another voice in my head goes “oh, just forget it. I won’t lose any more weight, might as well accept it, move on, enjoy these new larger clothes, you’ll never be thinner again”… and so on and on…

At the end, I decided to buy a few items that looked nice and made me feel good, and hopefully will make me feel good the next time we go out and I try them on.

Does this ever happen to you? What do you do then?

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