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The topic for today’s weight loss weekly comes from Sunny. Sunny is focusing on losing some weight before a summer beach vacation (as in bathing suits and shorts) which is 8 weeks away. She asks: when you’re working hard towards a certain weight loss goal, what is your one unique secret weapon or trick that helps speed up your weight loss?

Before we jump into that, photo_real_food_bookI have a new book giveaway to announce. Kim Ricketts who is organizing fabulous book events gave me a copy of a book to give to you. The book is “real food” by Nina Planck who explains about traditional foods, you know, the ones our ancestors have been eating for 10,000 to 30,000 years, if not millions of years. There’s a lot of good old food common sense in this book!

To win a copy of the book comment on any post starting today and ending on Sunday, 5/17/09. (Limited to USA and Canada. Sorry.)

Also, I’ll be posting more about the Hunger challenge from last week and my after-thoughts and tips to save money on good food later this week. If you would like to donate to United Way, click this link. The money collected goes to their Basic Needs fund, which invests the dollars in carefully-chosen community partners including food banks and large regional distributors of donated food.


Back to Weight Loss… what do we girls have to say about losing weight the fast way?

Me: The last time I wore a bikini was 6 years ago when I was 4 months pregnant. We were in Hawaii. But I do have a little secret to share with you about wearing your bathing suit again. It all began 4 years ago…

I was at a park which has a little lake with my little boy when I saw my neighbor, Tamara. She was there too with her little one. It was summer. The topic of bathing suits soon came up. I told her about how when I was thinner and weighed 18 pounds less I wasn’t happy with the way I looked in a swim suit and how I wish now that I was the same weight I had then (you still with me?). Her answer was very straightforward. She asked me “then why don’t you pretend that you weighed 18 more pounds more than you are now and you lost them, and be happy about your current weight?” Good point.

Well, I don’t believe in losing weight fast and in no magic potions/drinks/tablets/gels… I only believe in good real food and being more active (as for the latter, it’s easier said then done). And I don’t wear a bikini anymore.

With two kids around, I wear a tank top or tanktini and swim shorts. I don’t want them to miss this experience because mommy was too embarrassed to wear a swim suit ‘cos she has a soft tummy or forgot to shave her legs. I wear something comfortable and covering and focus on my kids instead of worrying what the people around me might think of how I look. I’m sure most of them don’t care anyway. OK, I do tuck my tummy when I get out of my chair and until I’m in the water… but I can’t wear a teeny tiny swim suit anyway with the kids because when we play they might pull the teeny bikini and leave me naked. Now THAT will be really embarrassing, don’t you think?

So, sorry, no secret weapon here today, only an advice – don’t torture yourself before or after a vacation. If you haven’t lost the weight so far, it won’t happen a few weeks before your vacation. Why not buy new, exciting, and complimenting new cloths instead? And while you’re on vacation, it’s no time to diet. Spend that time well and wisely, have fun with people you care about and enjoy good food and drinks. Worry about the diet later.

What do the other girls say…

Sunny: Hmm, I think my most helpful secret weapon has to do with a delicious dessert that is actually not forbidden, not even when I’m trying to speed up my weight loss… Keep reading at That Extra 20 Pounds

Joie de vivre: Secret weapons in the weight loss arsenal? Okay, I’ll dish… Read more at Joie de vivre: An amateur gourmet’s guide

Berni: When I first read Sunny’s question I thought “well this will be an easy post, short, a few words even” because I really don’t have one. My attempts at speeding up weight loss have been sad sad affairs that usually last a whole 15 min after my burst of motivation and planning. Read more over at Yo-yonomore

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