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It’s day #5 of the challenge and what we have left to eat (after the kids and my husband took their share) are a few eggs, some milk, 1 yogurt, 1/3 bag of arugula, a small piece of a cucumber, 1 tomato, 1 black bean burger, some bread, some chicken and rice from last night’s dinner, 2 bananas, 3 pears that refuse to ripen, and pizza that we’re going to have for dinner tonight.

Sounds good, no?

For me, if I knew that this was all I got, I would not be able to sleep at night.

But of course, what my fridge and freezer really look like is this (which we will start using again tomorrow) and it makes me feel safe.


And then, there’s the pantry, full of food.


I had a weird experience yesterday. I was running errands when I suddenly saw an old lady who looked like a homeless person, she was all covered with black plastic trash bags to protect herself from the rain. She was pulling 2 small shopping carts full of stuff. An immediate thought I had was “Oh my god, I got to give her some money”. And then I thought “But how much is enough? $1? $5? $10? $20?…” And this was close to a Starbucks and I saw a Starbucks cup picking out from her cart… I thought “maybe they help her a little by giving her something warm to drink for free. Or does she actually buy it? If I give her money will she spend it on a latte? Or will she use it to buy some junk food?”

I took money from my purse and approached her and asked if she needs money. She looked at me briefly not understanding. I showed her the money. She said something that seemed to be a “no” and turned away. I was sure she would say yes and take it… I’m not sure if she understood me or not, or maybe she was just as surprised about this strange interaction as I was and didn’t know what to do about it.

I returned to my car and drove around the parking lot, trying to find her and see where she was going. She disappeared. I drove back home.

On the way home I was thinking about this experience and then my thoughts wondered and kids at my son’s school came to my mind. 39% of kids in that school qualify for free or reduced-price lunches. Every month, when we bring a snack to class, I bake something for the kids. I believe many kids’ parents are too busy to bake but for me it’s very easy. I bake corn muffins or banana breads. The teacher always tell me how the kids were happy and devoured the baked goods.

But what do I really know about these kids? Or that woman? Or all the other people who don’t have enough money for food?

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