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Cake is a symbol of family, home, and togetherness to me. A place so happy that it has a cake. I think it all started when I was a kid and my mom sent me to stay with her sister’s family for a few days (or was is weeks?) during summer break.

My life with my mom couldn’t have been more different than those of my cousins. There I was skinny and shy, my parents divorced when I was a baby, my dad moved to another continent when I was too young to remember him, but the fighting between my parents still went on across the ocean, I had no brother or sister to share this pain with, and so on and on… Whereas my cousins, all four of them, were tall, beautiful and loud, they had both their mom and dad, and a nice big house with a nice big porch, clean (she taught me to “clean in the corners”) and full of home made food, especially home baked cakes. Two cakes! Every weekend! But mostly, they had each other. A family. And cake.

This is how it all started, I believe. My baking mania began after I became a mom. I’m sure you can see a connection, as I became aware of it myself lately. I’m sure though, that as much as all this cake craze is so important to me it might be insignificant to my kids when they grow up. Currently, my kindergartener still prefers gummy bears over home made cake… Oh, well…

Last weekend there was no cake because my husband and son left on a little vacation to visit family. I baked a quick banana bread with chocolate that we shared at breakfast and the rest I sent with them to snack on during their flight. Baking a “proper” cake did not feel right. I wasn’t happy to bake. Who feels like baking when they are sad? Do you?

This weekend they will be home, so cake is back.

Before they left I asked my son what kind of cake he wants me to make when he returns. He said “lemon cake”. They are lemon people, him and his dad. As for me, you know I prefer anything with whipped cream in and/or on it. I wanted to make a chocolate mouse cake with Oreo cookies bottom and whipped cream and shaved chocolate on top. But the little guy said “lemon”, and his wish is my command, so lemon it’s going to be.


Gourmet pavlovaTo welcome them back home I plan to make this gorgeous looking Pavlova with Lemon Curd and Berries from Gourmet magazine (April 2009 issue). I think I’ll add a layer of whipped cream to it! What do you think, should I?

And I’ve got two new cakes to add to my Cake Collection (click the link if you would like to participate and share a recipe);



lemon tart


Zoe from ZOMTBAKES blog shares her Lemon Curd and Chocolate Tart. I think this tart could have solved our own lemon versus chocolate cake issues. Everyone would have been happy, the lemon lovers and the chocolate addicts.



classicchocolatecake2Brenda from Cre8tive Kitchen blog has a Classic Chocolate Cake with a chocolate frosting recipe for you. Easy breezy to make to those who like friendly recipes and freshly baked home made cakes. 




Sadly, some people have serious problems and other worries and having, even thinking, about a cake is a luxury. This is why I said “yes” to participating in a Hunger Challenge.


This is a United Way of King County event. If you would like to participate in the Hunger Action Week here are some links to donate, volunteer, and register for the challenge:
Hunger Action Week Page
Hunger Challenge Signup Page

Follow me from April 20-24 to see how am I doing in this challenge, OK?

Meanwhile, be happy with what you have, and have wonderful weekend.

Kiss someone you love.

Hug them too.

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