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Losing weight is a long long journey and it can take a long long time to get to your desired goals. So what do you do in the meantime about shopping for clothes?

I have suggested this silly and shallow question for this week’s Weight Loss Weekly. So what do we have to say about it?

Giyen: I hate to admit this, but I have been hoarding skinny clothes for years. At this point I have more clothes that fit the “future me” than I do the “real me” – this is sad, I know. Keep reading more at Bacon Is My Enemy.

Sunny: After gaining 20 pounds, I finally had to break down and just buy bigger clothes.  Grrr!  It makes me so mad when my skinny sister comes over and puts on a pair of my jeans, they’re so big on her they’re practically falling off…. Keep reading at That Extra 20 Pounds

Joie de vivre: When I first started my weight loss journey 36 lbs. ago, I was wearing tight, size 18 pants. Now I’m wearing a loose 14, but believe it or not, I haven’t needed to shop for a lot of clothes. Read my tips at Joie de vivre: An amateur gourmet’s guide

Nurit, that’s me:

I love to shop for clothes. Don’t you?

I have told you before about the ping-pong game that I play with my smaller size clothes when we talked about The most ridiculous thing I’ve done. But what do I do in the meantime? It’s been 6 years already since the last time I wore them and meanwhile a girl can’t just walk around naked. Can’t just sit and stare at those teeny tiny clothes for years and years until I lose those god%amn 18 pounds (now 14, yippie!). Or should I be wearing sweat pants year-round? Naaaa. Well, no worries, I managed to come up with some mind games about this one as well.

I have a thing about shopping at fancy stores and buying gorgeous clothes for killer clearance sale prices. Like that $200+ jacket I bought at Ann Taylor for $9.99! final sale price (no returns) which was so gorgeous (now priced at $3.88 but unfortunately no longer available). It didn’t matter it’s a 4P size. I believed I’ll get there some day. (Yeah, right.) Or I’ll give it to a skinny friend. On the other hand, it doesn’t really look like a 4P, it is not that small. I’d say it’s more of an 8P. I’ve got hope to wear it some day. (Yeah, to my funeral?). I know it will happen. Boy, do I sound insane today or what?

Do you ever find a steal of a deal in a smaller size and buy it in hope you will lose weight and fit into it someday?

Then there was the time when I went shopping right after my first pregnancy and was shocked to discover that I need to go another size up for pants (for a total of 3 sizes up from my pre-pregnancy weight). I bought the pants and was very depressed so I told myself that now I will go and buy my last Grande Grande Starbucks frappuccino, the one with the crushed Oreo cookies and fake ice cream powder, with loads of sugar, you know, oh, yeah, and whipped cream to top it all, and enjoy every bit of it because this is the last time! By the way, it was the last time that I bought this calorie bomb of a drink. About a year ago I had this drink again (that’s 5 years later) and discovered that it doesn’t really taste so good at all when you think about all the cr_p they put in there. How could I have liked it before?

I find that being picky about the quality of the food or drink is very helpful for losing weight and being healthy and more energetic.

And then, there’s spring… When spring arrives and you get to see all the gorgeous and colorful new spring clothes and it’s so tempting to get inside and browse around and buy something. I went to the mall last weekend. It was cold and rainy that day. Seeing the thin fabrics of the new spring tops and dresses in the windows didn’t tempt me one bit. Ohh, it was chilly, and it snowed only a few days before. So that was no heartbreak.

But what do you do during spring and summer about all those new colorful clothes?

It’s so much fun to shop for clothes during those seasons. Especially if you are on vacation! Right?!

I think I have slowed down with clothes shopping after reading “The Secret” (no, I did not make it thru the last page of the book. Remember “Sex and the City” – it was in the movie, I think – when Samantha is reading the book on the beach and tossing it away?) After reading halfway through that book, I have concluded that as long as I continue to buy bigger size clothes I am sending a message to my brain that I am not too serious about weight loss. Which I wasn’t at the time. but I have slowwwwwwwed way down since then. That was my shortcut interpretation of the book. Now I’m focusing on the next goal – getting checks in the mail a-la-the-secret, ha ha. It hasn’t been working so far. Maybe I should focus more. But I’m digressing.

Now I’m at a point where I am convinced that I will lose weight so I don’t feel so much like 226928_6583_med146x170buying new clothes (besides last Christmas party. I needed a cool top. And I got one. For a killer price. At Ann Taylor. And, no, that’s not me in the photo. Last time I was skinny like her was 20 years ago, but my hair never looked that glamorous.) I know it’ll break my heart to buy new beautiful clothes – even if they are a bigger size – and ending up storing them in a the garage with all the spiders after I reach my weight goal and fitting into my smaller clothes. And hopefully, there won’t be any ping-pong game with those.

Wow, this “talk” and writing about clothes really makes me want to go shopping right now. But it’s raining and it’s time to give some attention to the kiddies.

I think I’ll wait till spring though… or a summer vacation… Thank God for inventing kids. They do keep me distracted and busy…

Happy Monday everyone!


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