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If I was a queen, I would leave my royal chambers and live in such a kitchen so I won’t have to waste any minute for the fabulous food to arrive to my table.

We love to go to the Palace Kitchen for a late bite and a good drink. It is the perfect place for that. Lots of action, very dim lights, casual and fun, and of course, it has great food and drinks.

Last time we were there, I started with a Clementine margarita ($10) which was the most perfect margarita I have ever had. Loaded with enough alcohol to make you giggle silly and bounce back to your normal self just in time when the food arrives (so you can enjoy the food without being tongue-numb by the alcohol), but it did not feel too alcoholy. It had just the right balance between the Grand Marnier and the fresh fruit juice. The Husband had Winter gin and tonic ($8), not my drink, but it had a lovely gentle bitterness to it. I liked it. He did too.

Then the server brought us a plate with fresh Daliah bakery bread that was excellent served with sweet balsamic vinegar and a very fruity and smooth extra virgin olive oil. Perfection in simplicity. The bread was amazing. Thick, rustic and and crunchy crust, airy inside. It made me want to rent an apartment above the bakery.

We ordered a few appetizers because it was already 9 pm.

Fire roasted Penn cove mussels in a broth of coconut, tangerine and mint ($14) were soft and tender, the broth light and fragrant but a little overpowered by the flavor of the shallots. Very good.

Seared lobster tail with spring onions salad and lemon aioli ($13), was sweet and perfectly cooked with a bit of smokiness. The salad was lovely and refreshing, just like spring, with tender lettuce and delicate lemon flavor. The Husband said – “These are the best croutons I have ever ate in my whole life. They taste so good and they melt in my mouth!”

Pan fried Minterbrook oysters, garlicky aioli, green tomato relish ($9) were perfect. I have mixed feeling about oysters. I love them but I tend to avoid them. Well, not anymore. These were coated with a crispy fried batter and very tender inside, served with fantastically garlicky aioli – who wouldn’t love that?!

“plin” piedmontese style ravioli filled with pork and chard ($14/$18) was on the heartier side after the seafood plates we had but it was very good. We were full but we ate every piece. beautiful dish.

The service – excellent and professional. Our lovely waitress had lots of smiles and was fun, answered all our, OK my, questions. We were impressed that even the water guy knew what plin” piedmontese style ravioli is (a traditional recipe of north Italy).

We had wonderful food and a fantastic time.

I felt like a queen.

Palace Kitchen
2030 5th Ave
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 448-2001
Palace Kitchen
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