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Hi everyone,
I am so excited to announce the launching of a new happening here on the blog, a “Cake Collection” event.
To start with the right foot, I am also going to attach a giveaway to it. Starting now and ending 3/31, one lucky cake submitter will win a copy of Ray’s Boathouse cookbook. And what a fabulous cookbook it is! (See a recipe and a review of this Seattle famous restaurant here).

So what is “Cake Collection” about?

I am always on the lookout for new cakes because after 5 years of baking a cake every weekend, I am starting to run out of ideas. In general, I am looking for simple cakes, pies, tarts with an oomph factor. It doesn’t have to be a cake you baked this week, it can be “old”, just as long as you have posted about it and there’s a link to it.

Click here to see the cake for the weekend archive.

So how does “Cake Collection” work? How to submit your cake post?

All you have to do is e-mail me with the following info:

  1. * Your name
  2. * Your blog’s name and URL 
  3. * A link/URL to your cake post
  4. * The name of the cake
  5. * A picture of your cake (optional)
  6. * Include my blog name – 1 family. friendly. food. – and a link to it: http://www.familyfriendlyfood.com/, in your post

The recipe can be either originally yours or someone else’s as long as you give them credit. If you submit a photo, it has to be yours. 

E-mail me to: nurit AT familyfriendlyfood DOT com by Wednesday to be included in that week’s Cake Collection.

Each Friday I will post the submitted cakes with a link back to each participant’s blog post. 

So what kind of recipes I am looking for?

A recipe of a favorite/winner/special cake that you have posted about on your own blog. There are no rules really, but I do encourage you to have mercy on the working people and submit a cake that is not too elaborate to prepare. Something simple and stress-free with big flavor is great. Preferably beginner-medium level of difficulty, easy and fairly quick to make, easy to find ingredients.



 birthday cake

cognac chocolate mini cake

fruit crostata

pine nuts cake



root beer cake

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