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Being a food blogger is super terrific. But it can get lonely here in front of the computer regardless of how many friends you have online.

This is why I have joined an online community of food bloggers called Foodbuzz a few months ago. Then I discovered that as a Foodbuzz Featured Publisher I can coordinate a dinner with other local food bloggers and Foodbuzz will pay for it. All I have to do is post about it. How cool is that?

So, of course that’s what I did.

Last night I got to meet 10 other food bloggers from the Seattle area at Brasa in downtown Seattle for a Foodbuzz Featured Publisher’s feast.

Brasa, is a wonderful restaurant serving Spanish/Mediterranean cuisine. I have dined there a few times before, and even attended a wedding there. We always had a great time, the food is wonderful – either in the dining room or the lounge, and the service is always so fantastic and very very professional.

Oh, and last night we had a visit at our table from the chef/owner Tamara Murphy – remember her competing on Iron Chef America against chef Mario Batali? – who just came back from a big pig event and was all excited abut it.

So, Now I’ll shush and let the photos speak for themselves. Feast your eyes on our dinner party.


Cauliflower, piquillo puree, sultanas, pinenuts, serrano ham


Good choice, Meg, with The Vamp…

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FP Dinner mussels

Wood Fired Mussels, curry sauce, pita

Brasa - Bone Marrow

Bone marrow

 Brasa - Gnocchi

Goat’s Cheese Gnocchi, sauteed oyster mushrooms, white wine sauce, thyme

Brasa - Grilled Vegetables

Grilled vegetables

Brasa - Octopus

Octopus, piquillo pepper, chickpeas, frisee, blood orange


Olive Oil Poached Salmon, farmer’s market shell beans, olives, fennel, creamed nettles



FP Dinner Duck

Muscovy Duck Breast, truffled porridge, Moroccan chutney, cider reduction

Brasa - Pig

Portuguese Pig, clams, chorizo, bay scented potato, smoked paprika


Don’t they look like they are discussing something important over a glass of wine?


Trio of Gelato – lemon, strawberry, chocolate, with shortbread


Chocolate truffle cheesecake, bourbon crème anglaise

FP Dinner Donuts

Spanish doughnuts, spiced chocolate sauce


Vahlrona chocolate molten cake, crème anglaise

So, who was there? You might like to get to know other local food bloggers and they are:

Kooky Culinary
The Pink Hobart
Puget Sound Cookery
Seattle Tall Poppy
Julie Jams
The GastroGnome
Passionate Psyche


2107 Third Avenue, Seattle, WA
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