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Oh, how I love date nights.

If you have kids you probably know that date night means one or more of the following:

a chance to have a quiet meal, relax and eat slowly

a little break from the nightly routine of dinner, baths, story time, bottle, pacifier, and cute little jammies. Cute little jammies are my favorite part right after a kiss and a hug.

a chance to watch a movie before 9-10 pm

an opportunity to meet friends without  kids running around asking to play with you

a chance to focus on your partner for a change and give him/her some love and affection

a chance to complete a sentence or a thought without being interrupted every second

but mostly, it’s means an evening without a constant buzz and hum in your head

If you don’t have kids, I don’t mean to discourage you. Not at all. You should definitely go ahead and have a few of your own… After all, kids are cute, aren’t they? Oh, you just wait and see.


OK, we’ll see how they turn out as teenagers. Pretty scary stuff, ha?! It’s a good thing that kids grow slowwwly. Who would have kids if they were born at teen age?

So anyway, twice a months we get a babysitter to watch over the kids and we go out. We put date night down in the calendar!!! Because we must have some couplehood time and it’s so easy to forget. Will you believe it if I tell you that some days my husband and I barely exchange more than 3 complete sentences with each other?

Going out on a date can turn out be an expensive treat when you’re talking about dinner + $$ for babysitter + (sometimes) paid parking, so it better be good! Luckily, we had a few very good dinners lately (did you see there’s a new reviews page?) like when we went to Ray’s Boathouse, Palace Kitchen, and last Saturday it was Poppy.

Ohhh, Poppy. I’ll review it sometime soon, but meanwhile you can check out their web site and take my word for it – it is good! Very good!

I just wanted to share that with you.

Reminder – Write a comment on any post for a chance to win Ray’s Boathouse cookbook. Click here for detail.

NOTE: Out of state/country readers, we are working on having the reviews go directly to the reviews page because I assume not everyone is interested to know about Seattle restaurants. I appreciate your understanding. Until we fix this, you will get reviews the same way  as the regular posts.


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