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Date night Date night

Oh, how I love date nights. If you have kids you probably know that date night means one or more of the following: a chance to have a quiet meal, relax and eat slowly a little break from the nightly routine of dinner, baths, story time, bottle, pacifier, and cute little jammies. Cute little jammies […]

Weight Loss Weekly: Diet Soda? Weight Loss Weekly: Diet Soda?

Weight loss weekly is a weekly “column” posted every Monday and is a collaboration between me and other bloggers who are trying to lose weight. Giyen from bacon is my enemy used to blog with us but is taking a break, so now it’s me, Sunny and Joie de vivre. Another blogger might join us […]

Cake Collection #3 and Chocolate Chocolate Stout Cake Cake Collection #3 and Chocolate Chocolate Stout Cake

1. In the photo above a Chocolate Chocolate Stout Cake which I will tell you about in a minute. 2. I have the winner of the Cake Collection Giveaway way way down below at the end of the post. The winner gets a copy of Ray’s Boathouse cookbook (read more about the restaurant, the book, […]

Palace Kitchen, Seattle Palace Kitchen, Seattle

If I was a queen, I would leave my royal chambers and live in such a kitchen so I won’t have to waste any minute for the fabulous food to arrive to my table. We love to go to the Palace Kitchen for a late bite and a good drink. It is the perfect place […]

Dream Dream

I had a dream last night. I was on a big boat with many other people. Strangers. The water was deep and so white from the strong current that the boat was rocking wildly from side to side and up and down, like in a storm. Like the big pirate ship ride in a theme […]

Weight Loss Weekly: Low Points Weight Loss Weekly: Low Points

These two have so much energy… This week Joie de vivre asks: do you have a low point in your day? How do you fight the cravings or what are the snacks you choose to snack on to get you through your low point?

Marjolaine Cake and Cake Collection #2 Marjolaine Cake and Cake Collection #2

  My friend L. stopped by my house yesterday morning for a chat and cup of coffee. We had a nice time but the minute I asked her if she would like to bake a cake with me she jumped on her feet and said she had to go…

Buttery, Cabbage that is Buttery, Cabbage that is

  What do you call the 4th addition to a trilogy? Foursome? Quartet? Freelogy? I gave you Flaky and Creamy recipe… then we had Crunchy… and then Sweet and Smoky… and now this Buttery thing. Well, when you have half a cabbage left after a crunchy cabbage salad you will need a recipe for the […]

Giveaway news, there's a new one! Giveaway news, there's a new one!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiii you, Well well well, I’m happy to announce a new giveaway. 1. I have a second copy of the fantastic Ray’s Boathouse cookbook (a famous restaurant in Seattle, read about it here) to give to a commentator. Starting today, March 18th, and ending April 5th, one copy of the cookbook will be given to a random […]

Pasta Bolognese Pasta Bolognese

But first, the winner of the Secret Stash Sea Salts giveaway is…. Deb! who wrote the largest number of comments.