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Hi everyone!

Did you have a good weekend? Did you do somehting fun?

We spent a few hours at Seattle’s most famous market, Pike Market, and visited some of our favorite spots there. It’s been a few good months since our last time there. I’ll show you in a post soon.
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This week on WLW we are confessing to the the most ridiculous things we’ve done in the name of weight loss. I’m sure this might sound familiar to some of you… Joie de vivre: “The craziest thing I have ever done is to assume that eating the same way time and time again would not give me the same results.” To read more click Joie de vivre: An amateur gourmet’s guide

Sunny: “I guess the craziest thing I’ve done for weight loss was the Atkins Diet.  Since when is it ok to eat large amounts of bacon, hot dogs, and steak, but fruit… no you can’t eat any fruit… that will make you gain weight!!”  keep reading at That Extra 20 Pounds

Giyen: “I should have known better than to trust anything that is called “Suddenly Slimmer” … keep reading more at Bacon Is My Enemy

 Nurit: The craziest things I have done… I’d say there are more silly than crazy… and they involve clothes. How shallow is that?!

Let’s see…

* It all happened sometime after my first pregnancy. Somehow, sometime, unnoticed, I gained weight. So I washed my smaller size clothes, folded them nicely, bought special containers for them, and stored them in the garage. Then, I went out on a shopping spree and bought new clothes.

* I took a few of my favorite smaller clothes out of the garage and put them in front of my eyes in the bedroom to keep my motivated to lose weight.

* I hung a photo of fat people on the refrigerator.

* I hung a photo of skinny people on the refrigerator

* I’ve given up on losing weight, so I went and bought a whole new wardrobe of clothes in bigger size.

* I bought a cool jacket, the original price $200, but the final sale price $10!!! It’s a 4 petite size. Ahemmmm.

* I stopped buying new clothes because I thought that if I continue to buy new clothes it means that I am not serious about losing weight. That was my interpretation of “The Secret”.

* I moved my smaller size clothes from the garage back to the bedroom closet.

* I took some smaller clothes out of the containers and put them on the shelf. I try them on from time to time to check on the difference.

* I tried to get rid of some of them, keeping only my most favorite ones, by giving them to a skinny friend. But after she tried them on, she returned most of them (we have different proportions).

I think it’s time now to wash them again, fold them nicely, and then put them back in the closet.


So what silly things have YOU done?

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