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Good morning my favorite blog readers!

I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately.

And for a while now, I’ve been wanting to do something nice for you. Then, opportunity knocked on my door.

A few weeks ago I participated in a food blogger’s event in Seattle arranged by the very sweet and energetic Keren Brown, a.k.a the Frantic Foodie, where I met the very lovely Janna from Secret Stash Sea Salts.

Janna brought lots of free samples of their fantastic Artisan sea salts for the bloggers. And now YOU can put your hands on one of these salts to bring your food creations to the next level!

How do you do that? All you have to do is comment on upcoming posts on my blog, starting now, 2/19, and ending on Sunday, 3/15. The more you comment per post*, the better your chances to win. Easy and simple.

The winner of the Secret Stash Artisan Sea Salt Giveaway can choose one 3.5 ounce glass jar of salt out of the following flavors:

Cumin Pineapple Chili

Bloody Mary


Almond Orange Cardamom

Nicoise Olive


Coconut Garam Masala

Lavender Rosemary

Secret Stash Sea Salts is a small-scale Seattle company that specializes in hand-crafted Artisan salts to accentuate any style of cooking. Flavored salts emphasize natural ingredients, and can add texture and sharpen your entrée’s aromatic quality.  Their artisan salts are 100 percent natural and made of coarse, hand-harvested flaky Fleur de Sel from the Re Island of France.  Unlike the majority of seasonings in today’s market, they do not contain anti-caking agents, chemicals, or preservatives.  They also source as many local and organic ingredients as possible from Seattle-area farmers markets, such as lavender, honey, and apple cider.   

To read more about the salts and the company, visit their web site: www.secretsalts.com

More giveaways to come.

Good luck!



* Let’s say you write 3 comments on one post, it will count as 1 comment. Limited to the US and Canada. Sorry.

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