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cabbage salad

Let me tell you about the crunchiest, bestest (as little kids say) cabbage salad I have ever had. Cabbage, like zucchini, might seem like a boring vegetable – at least to me, but I am now a changed woman – and so overlooked. It is not exactly the star of any meal, is it? You won’t see it on the cover of a magazine. And you won’t find a whole chapter in a cookbook devoted to it. Or to zucchini. Unlike potatoes. Or pasta. Right?! So what has transformed my feelings towards cabbage?

A few weeks ago I visited relatives in Los Angeles. My aunt, Vicki … ahemm, I’m sorry Vicki, I can’t really call you “aunt”. I am older than you… maybe I’ll just call you My Vicki, would that be OK?

So, My Vicki invited me to dinner and she made this amazing crunchy cabbage salad (among other things. It’s not that she made only cabbage salad and that was the only thing on the table. No. There was salmon, and another great salad, and roasted potatoes, and… ) but this salad really stood out. Maybe because I did not expect it to be THAT good!

My Vicki said she got the recipe from her “best fried Anat, who is great in the kitchen”. I have since tried a few versions at home according to what I had in the fridge. For example, I did not have time to go to Costco where I should have gone to buy the right dressing, so I tried to make a dressing from scratch at home but it turned out only ehh, OK. So I bought one at the grocery store and it wasn’t that exciting either . The second time I have upgraded it with honey, and the third time with peanut butter and sesame oil.

As for the ingredients, I also tried toasted pine nuts, toasted peanuts, arugula, bell pepper… However, I think the most important part is to get the dressing right, or the right dressing. So, I’m heading to Costco soon to buy a good dressing.

My Vicki/Anat’s Cabbage Salad

Green cabbage, cut into long pieces
Red cabbage, cut into long pieces
Green onions, chopped
Fresh ginger, minced or grated, to taste
Cilantro, chopped
Chinese ginger salad dressing (Costco has the best one)
Toasted pine nuts or almonds, for garnish

Well, I think anyone can make a salad and you don’t need specific instructions, right?!
Play with it…

Thank you Vicki and Anat for this fantastic recipe!!!

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