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A-ha! This seems like a silly question, doesn’t it? We take it for granted that if we gain some weight we have to lose it as soon as possible. But stop and think about it for a minute – Why do we want to lose weight?

For me, my reasons are:

#1. I’ll tell you the truth. If I lived in a time and place where being roundish was an object of beauty waiting to be captured by the most talented painters and then admired by millions of people, I might have re-evaluated the situation. But, you know, we live in a society where being even a little chubby isn’t considered pretty. In the old days it was small breasts and big thighs, while today’s model of beauty is the total opposite, large (by nature or not) breasts and tiny thighs. Isn’t this ridiculous?! We have so much food but we need to be skinny. I can only assume that in other places and times where food was/is scarce being rounded is considered to be beautiful.
So, yes, society is a part of it. But I have other reasons as well.

#2. I still remember that I used to be thinner. And I have the clothes in the garage to prove it!
They have been waiting there for about 5 years now to be rescued from the dust and spiders. Naaaa, they are neatly organized in tightly closed plastic containers and in ship-shape because one day I WILL wear them. I only hope it’s going to be before I’m old and losing weight because I’m shrinking.

3. I feel heavier and less energetic then I used to be.
I think the extra weight is contributing to that. Yeah, and maybe age too, and having two very joyful and bouncy kids around. They are so energetic those two. I would like to chase them around a bit faster and still have energy by the time they go to bed.

4. It is not a lot of fun to look in the mirror from the waist down.
And the waist line is higher now, if you know what I mean…
Sometimes I think – it’s not THAT bad. I’m only one size up and about extra 18 pounds. On the other hand, a heavy backpack or an average baby weighs 18 pounds. So it’s like carrying a heavy suitcase or being pregnant. Only I’m not.

So what is my plan?

I haven’t quite figured out a plan. But my thoughts are:

#1. Do it in baby steps.
I think if the change it too big or quick, it won’t last. Habits are hard to change. So whatever I do, I’ll do it in small and manageable weekly challenges that hopefully will turn into new better ways.
This week the challenge is – portion control. Click here to see what I’m talking about. It will open your eyes.
This means that this week I am going to use a smaller plate, smaller fork, weigh and measure the food. Not counting calories. What do you think? Would you like to join me?

#2. Find inspiration.
I am currently reading the book “Food Matters” by Mark Bittman, mainly because I try to be a conscious eater as much as I can. This helps me stay away from many many bad foods, highly-processed ones, junk food and all that “stuff” (see my second blog “Good Food and Bad Food”).
I also want to be a role model to my kids. For example, I don’t want them to drink Coke, so I don’t drink it either. I stopped buying it. “Cheese-it” and cereals are next.

#3. Follow a diet?
When I was pregnant I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. That was the only diet I was on my whole life and it was a success as both me and my baby are healthy, and the bonus was I lost weight, I could feel that my arms and hips are slimmer. It sure felt nice. I loved it.

I’ll tell you about this diet later in another post. If you are interested to know how it works, write a comment below, OK? (If you are not familiar with this, there’s a link below that says “comment”)

#4. Find support (group).
Support is always a good thing. This is why I wanted to do this weekly post with 3 other bloggers who are dieting.

#5. Work out?
I never liked sports. Not even to watch it on TV! No basketball, no football… No game nights… Oh, I can hear your “Whaaaaaatttt?”
Give me a book on the other hand and I’m happy.
The only thing I was able to stick with in the past 5 years is one weekly Pilates class. It’s better than nothing, right, right?
I would like to walk more, like I used to. But that’s about it. Would that be enough? We’ll see.

#6. Finding out what’s holding me back.
This is the soul searching part (See Giyen’s post from last week) and while it is a topic for a post on its own, after last week’s post – “why am I overweight” question (click here to read it), I have realized that during the day I mostly eat by myself as I work from home. I have a better control over portion size and eating alone is not that much fun, especially if I eat and watch CNN. It can totally ruin one’s appetite. At dinner, however, the company and food are so much better and we spend about an 1/2-1 hour at the table (no TV), and then I eat more then I need.

It’s funny though, that I have no memories of family dinners from my childhood. I’m sure we had a few, I just can’t remember. It’s like a black hole in brain. Now that I am a mom, dinner time is the most important part of my day. Even if it is only scrambled eggs or leftovers, even with a picky eater who doesn’t like to eat this or that, and so on, it is the time of day that I am looking forward to everyday (see a funny post about it here). It is, on the other hand, the time when I need to be more careful with eating.

So don’t forget this week the challenge is – portion control and now let’s check what the other bloggers are saying.

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