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I’ve been working on some serious stuff for my first 2009 post. I thought it’ll take me a day or two to complete, but plans have changed. My son, 5.5 years old, swallowed a bubble gum. For the first time.
I can hear you laughing.
I did.

His reaction – crying, hysteria, worries, lots of questions, and feeling very upset.
“Is it going to be stuck in my throat?”
“What will happen now?”
“How can we take it out?”
“How will I poop?”

Of course this was an excellent opportunity to have a little fun at his expense. Payback time for all the whining, arguing, and nagging I have to listen to every day, right?!

Well, I didn’t tell him that a bubble gum tree will grow in his tummy – that’s what I was told when it happened to me (you can only imagine how worried I was) – so instead I told him:
I can take big tweezers and try to pull it out of his throat, while I approached him with the big scissors.
He wanted to learn how to make bubbles, so I said that next time air comes out of his rear end, a big bubble will come out of his tuches.

I could go on and on – it was very funny – but he looked somewhat miserable so I quit and comforted him. He did look at me with some disbelief when I said he will be able to poop again. He’s OK now. Watching TV and having a snack. TV & snack does make you forget about your troubles for a while, doesn’t it?

Oh, well, it was fun while it lasted.

Now… I’m 100% sure this has happened to you too. What was your reaction when you swallowed a bubble gum for the first time?

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