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Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids Who Cook Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids Who Cook

When my son was 3 years old, he got a Home depot tool box from Toys R Us for his birthday. That was one of the best gifts ever. He played with it a lot, by himself or when he was “helping” his dad build things. It was a wonderful imaginary toy as well as […]

Gingerbread houses at the Sheraton, Downtown Seattle Gingerbread houses at the Sheraton, Downtown Seattle

If you are looking for something fun to do for the holidays, go see the Gingerbread Village at the Sheraton Seattle Hotel. Local architects and chefs from the Sheraton Seattle team up to design, bake, and build gingerbread houses and creations with a superhero holiday theme. Time: Mon-Thu, Sat 10am-6pm; Fri 10am-7pm; Sun 11am-5pm. Ongoing […]

Sometimes Life Gives You Breadcrumbs Sometimes Life Gives You Breadcrumbs

Do you have days when you don’t feel like cooking? Even if you are a foodie/chef/a person obsessed with food/can’t think about anything else but food all day and night? Do you always have something fresh in the fridge to cook dinner with? Hhmmm. Well, I don’t. I know, I know, I have posted a […]

Apple, Cinnamon and Walnuts Cake Apple, Cinnamon and Walnuts Cake

I’ve been reading and browsing through The Book of New Israeli Food by Janna Gur lately. Oh, the food looks so amazing. I made a Chocolate and Halva yeast cake based on a recipe from this book (it’s so gorgeous and I’ll post about it soon). I can’t wait to make the Shawarma (meat marinated […]

Enjoy Your Fat Enjoy Your Fat

“Enjoy your fat” and “Enjoy your meat on the bone” are the dedications Jennifer McLagan wrote for me in my copies of her cookbooks “Fat” and “Bones. And I say “Halleluyah” and of course I am also Very Happy about my two new cookbooks. However, I do need to buy a new bookcase. And by […]

Zucchini Pancakes Addiction Zucchini Pancakes Addiction

We have two food addictions in this house. One is for Brussels sprouts (recipes here and here) – now it’s like we’re trying to compensate for all those years we thought we hated them and wouldn’t eat them (what picky eaters we were) – and a newer addiction for zucchini pancakes. Once looked upon as […]

Sometimes it’s Pizza for Dinner Sometimes it’s Pizza for Dinner

Sometimes I get frustrated. Trying to do it all and having to compromise in everything that I do. I feel like I’m doing the best I can – which is not good enough to me – because I want to do everything perfectly. But in reality I find that I’m not giving enough attention to […]

Warm Winter Herbal Tea Warm Winter Herbal Tea

Making fresh herbal tea feels so refreshing and healthy. No need to use a tea bag, but you can if you insist. I love to use lemon verbena which has a delicate lemony scent and flavor and is one of my favorite herbs. I grow it in a pot in the back yard. It “dies” […]

Cookie #3: Jam Thumbprint Cookies Cookie #3: Jam Thumbprint Cookies

For cookie #3 The Husband chose Jam Thumbprint Cookies. I made these many times before. When I bake them the house smells so nice from the toasted coconut. Lovely. They are very easy to make and don’t need special equipment or ingredients. Also a wonderful recipe to bake with your kid/s, which I did. Jam […]

Amazing, but simple, Chicken Wrap Amazing, but simple, Chicken Wrap

This is sunny food. But, you might say, it’s almost winter. So, I say, wait for a sunny winter day, turn the heat on, seat by a window, take a deep breath, take a bite, and imagine it is summer. Or don’t wait for a sunny day, because you could end up waiting for a […]