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I was at the grocery store this morning buying ingredients to make pumpkin cupcakes for all kinds of fall festivals.
As I was imagining how I will photograph the cupcakes, looking at all the Halloween stuff around me, a thought came to my mind – what if a real live big spider was crossing by the cupcakes as I was shooting the cupcakes.

And then I thought, and I ask you:

What do you do when you find a real live spider in your home on Halloween day?
1. You kill it
2. You let it live

If you kill it, how do you do it?
1. Smash it with a book
2. Pick it up gently with a fluffy Kleenex and flush it in the toilet
3. Step on it
4. Other, ________________

If you let it live, do you,
1. keep it in the house as a pet
2. keep it in the house as a guest
3. take it outside to live in the wild
4. other, __________________



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