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Halloween Pumpkin Muffins Halloween Pumpkin Muffins

I made four batches! of pumpkin muffins in the past 24 hours for all kinds of school fall festivals. I was hoping to share a WOW recipe with you, but the one I used from Gourmet magazine was just OK, so I won’t post it. Since I didn’t have a Plan B recipe and has […]

Cookie #1: Cowboy Cookies Cookie #1: Cowboy Cookies

I love cakes. My husband loves cookies. Every Friday I like to bake a cake for the weekend and so every Thursday I ask my husband what kind of cake he would like me to make. 99% of the time his answer is: “I want Cookie”. So, for his birthday I thought I’ll give him […]

Pumpkins Seeds Roasted With Curry Seasoning

Sarah, a mom I know from my son’s school, gave me a little bag with roasted fresh pumpkin seeds she baked at home. They were very very tasty. Pumpkin seeds make a nutritious and tasty snack, and have an extra oomph during the holidays. They make a good treat to serve to your holiday dinner […]

Will You Kill a Spider on Halloween?

I was at the grocery store this morning buying ingredients to make pumpkin cupcakes for all kinds of fall festivals.As I was imagining how I will photograph the cupcakes, looking at all the Halloween stuff around me, a thought came to my mind – what if a real live big spider was crossing by the […]

20 Cookies Punch Card Project

Or, how I have surprised my husband for his birthday. Coming up next…

Fresh Wild Pacific Northwest Salmon Fresh Wild Pacific Northwest Salmon

Hey, I just realized that this blog exists for almost 4 months and I still haven’t given you a single salmon recipe! How could that be? Salmon are now “in season”. Meaning, they are swimming back to their home here at the local lakes, rivers, streams, and creeks. We went to see them during Issaquah […]

Leftovers: Mashed potatoes turned into Light-as-a-feather potato pancakes Leftovers: Mashed potatoes turned into Light-as-a-feather potato pancakes

I really don’t have anything to write about this recipe. Maybe except for – you can reheat leftover mashed potatoes in the microwave, or if you have an extra 20-30 minutes make these pancakes? Light-as-a-feather potato pancakes Makes about 10 pancakes 2 cups mashed potatoes 1 cup onion, small diced 2-4 garlic cloves, minced 2 […]

Thanksgiving-y Chicken Dinner Thanksgiving-y Chicken Dinner

Our friends, the M. family, cook chicken every Friday. What a great idea! I used to drive myself crazy thinking what to cook for dinner every Friday. We like to have a nice dinner to celebrate the end of the week and beginning of the weekend. So, I embraced their idea and was looking for […]

Amazing strawberry shortcake Amazing strawberry shortcake

I have already mentioned that fall is here and winter is coming soon, right?! (Sorry about that). (Like you didn’t know…). The side effect of the weather change is that strawberries are going to disappear from the markets and stores pretty soon. Peaches and nectarines are already gone. So, a minute before they vanish until […]

Cooking and most of the people I know… Cooking and most of the people I know…

I love to read and buy cookbooks and food magazines (it’s my addiction), kitchen equipment and tools (no more room in the kitchen cabinets), and browse through food websites and blogs (it takes a lot of my time). But most of the people I personally know don’t care about these things and I guess that […]